Jonathan Van Ness Just Became Cosmo UK's First Non-Female Cover Star in Nearly 40 Years

Jonathan Van Ness is here to slay, henny. And there's no higher form of slayage than your own magazine cover. 

The Queer Eye star graced the cover of Cosmopolitan UK with his presence, giving him the honor of being the first non-female cover star for the publication in 35 years. 

For his now-legendary shoot, he appeared on the cover in a coral Christian Siriano tulle gown paired with white and navy Nike Cortez sneakers, complete with long white socks with red and blue stripes. Jonathan's long chestnut locks cascade down his back as he goes sans makeup, positively beaming in a casual pose. 

"First non female cover star in 35 years thanks for having me  @CosmopolitanUK showing more variations of beauty for young LGBTQ+ people YAS QUEEN photo by @Rachell_Smith," Van Ness tweeted about his cover.

"Yep, we did it," the cover boasts of Van Ness's appearance. "You're totally welcome." 

Van Ness follows in the footsteps of 2012's One Direction cover in terms of previous Cosmo UK covers featuring male leads. However, it's been 35 years since Boy George graced the cover in December 1984, giving JVN the honor of being a trailblazer, just like Boy George was back in the '80s. 

For his cover story, JVN discussed his HIV diagnosis, which he revealed additional details about in his first book, autobiography Over The Top. His tell-all memoir revealed a difficult childhood, including sexual abuse as a child in addition to adult substance abuse, culminating in his HIV+ status reveal, which first broke in a captivating story in The New York Times

But JVN's cover story is full of additional bright moments about the bubbly star – he says himself that he's a comedians, after all, and he uses jokes to deal with the more difficult moments in life. 

In an accompanying video from his groundbreaking Cosmo UK shoot, JVN played "Remember This?" As he discussed some of the year's major pop culture moments, including Taylor Swift's cats, The Great British Bake Off, and just about everything in between. 

It's an exciting moment for JVN, and certainly a boundary breaking moment in fashion history. Here's to more solo male covers in the future so they can "werq" like the Queer Eye star the world's madly in love with.

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