Judi Love shares ‘frustration’ amid Cheryl RnB podcast row

Loose Women’s Judi Love has voiced her opinion on the controversy surrounding Cheryl’s new R&B podcast.

After it was announced that Cheryl would be fronting BBC Sounds show You, Me & R&B, some argued that the series should have been fronted by a black presenter. And opening up about her thoughts on the controversy, OK! columnist Judi writes that she can understand the ‘frustration’ felt by many.

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There was some backlash last week after Cheryl was revealed as the face of an R&B podcast for the BBC. Twitter and Instagram were filled with comments regarding her being a strange choice, as Cheryl has never released any R&B music.

There are so many artists out there who are in R&B and the problem in situations like this is when the originators of something are never made the face of that particular music, fashion, food or concept – it’s frustrating.

Could this be a reflection of not having enough black R&B artists being recognised in the UK?

There was a point with singing contests when people who came with a soulful voice were told it was “too churchy”. But years later, everyone who wasn’t black with a soulful voice would get through.

There seems to be a pattern of black culture only being deemed cool after it has been appropriated.


It’s been so inspirational to watch our brilliant Paralympic GB team do so well in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics.

Some of these people have had to come through so much adversity to get to the games, that I don’t think able-bodied people like myself can even comprehend the strength it must take.

I’m so proud of each and every athlete. The sense of achievement and community spirit is clear to see when watching the Paralympics.

I’m ecstatic that both the sports and athletes are becoming more recognised and acknowledged for their determination and their super-hero accomplishments.


There is a Love Island-shaped hole in our evenings at the moment and if this series of Married At First Sight turns out to be anywhere as good as the Australian one, I can’t wait.

Let’s face it, we’re all living for the drama right now. It’s such an interesting concept too – should we trust science and take a chance or just wait for the right person?

That being said, you won’t see me marrying a stranger any time soon – I need to see your teeth, nails and credit history before I commit!


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My daughter started at sixth form last week and my son began his first term at secondary school.

We went uniform shopping and as I was paying I couldn’t help thinking back to a time where pulling together enough money for expensive school supplies was a constant worry.

School clothes are so expensive and it can be really hard to find the cash. So any parents who are struggling shouldn’t feel any shame or guilt.

After we left the shops, I donated to my local charity – Brixton Soup Kitchen – as they were putting together a back-to-school drive to help out local parents who are struggling to afford uniforms.

I’d really encourage you all to do something similar in your local area.


Last week, I spent a few days in Cambridge to catch up with some close friends. I stayed in the Hotel du Vin and the customer service there was unbelievable.

Then I went back to London to a great restaurant called Yauatcha for dinner, which was insane. It was a week of catching up with loved ones. I feel like I’ve had so many conversations on the phone with people and it’s not until you meet up that you realise you haven’t seen each other for a year.

It was great to really reconnect again!

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