Kangaroo with ‘bad attitude’ beats up elderly woman, terrorizes town

A 6-foot-tall kangaroo with a “bad attitude” is terrorizing a small country town.

The maniacal marsupial has attacked three people — including a 72-year-old woman who was taking her dog for an early morning walk Wednesday in the rural village of Leyburn in Queensland, Australia.

Neighbor Kyran Sprott heard her screams and rushed out to find the unnamed senior sobbing on the ground.

“[I] just heard this yelling going out. It sounded like somebody was getting murdered,” he told 7News. “She was crying. She said a ‘roo attacked her. She was really shaken up and bleeding all over. I’ve got blood all over my arm.”

The woman was the victim of a sneak attack.

“It came from the back and got her from the back and pushed down on her,” he told the local TV news outlet. “She got scratch marks and was bleeding from either shoulder, down on her leg and at the front of the body, too.”

The alpha-male red kangaroo is also attacking Mother Nature.

Margherita Caruana, of Queensland’s Southern Downs Region, said the rogue ‘roo has trashed a garden she’s spent three decades tending, the Courier Mail reported. The seamstress said the beast feasted on her roses, a lemon tree, gardenias, lavender, acanthus mollis and cacti.

But this green thumb isn’t holding a grudge.

“Until it rains, we just cannot get rid of them,” Caruana said. “It is not their fault, they have just reached the end of their tether.”

Another Queensland resident, Shane Toy, reported a kangaroo sighting outside his pub about two months ago — when the kangaroo attacked his wife, the Daily Mail reported. Toy said a patron “armed with a bar stool” came to his spouse’s defense — and then the pair locked themselves in the pub until the animal disappeared.

A New Zealand man in town for a wedding was reportedly the first victim. Toy said the ill-tempered kangaroo had its front paws on the man’s shoulders and was preparing to kick him before a friend came to his rescue, scaring the animal away.

The local police are still on the lookout for the hopping hell-raiser.

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