Kate Middleton’s ‘close to tears’ appearance in new video addressed by expert

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The Duchess of Cambridge appeared in her latest video, which appeared to be a sign off to this stage of the process. Kate looked stunning in a mauve blazer and pearl earrings.

She said in the video: “It is a brave thing to believe in an outcome – in a world even – that might not be fully felt for a generation or more.

“But what you do isn’t for the quick win – it is for the big win. It is for a happier, healthier society as well as happier, healthier children.

“Only by working together can we bring about lasting change for the generations to come.

“Because I truly believe, big change starts small.”

But, what did a body language expert make of the appearance?

Body language Judi James analysed the video for Express.co.uk.

She discussed suggestions Kate had looked anxious or tearful in the recent videos.

Judi said: “There has been speculation that Kate has looked tired and even close to tears during some of these pieces but I would suggest this might be down to the soft lighting that doesn’t ignite the eyes in every shoot.

“I would also speculate that Kate is presenting herself as a champion of more serious campaigns and wanting to display a more reflective and forceful side too.”

However, there was likely to be a level of personal anxiety due to her commitment to and passion for the project.

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“Projects like this one seem to have involved her at every level,” Judi said.

“Unlike some royal visits and appearances, this project has her name on it and despite its success there are a few subtle non-verbal cues from Kate here that after this powerful launch her next stage, where she throws it out more generally, will involve some levels of personal anxiety that it will create the kind of change and action that she is clearly committed to.”

So, how does Kate emote during this latest video? Judi said: “Unlike other pieces to camera during this same shoot, Kate’s hand gestures suggest less precision and control. She uses several emphatic hand-swipes here to suggest her sense of urgency but there are fewer, if any precision pinches with her fingers.

“Her small body-bounces illustrate a desire to get on with things and start taking action. The biggest give-away to her sadness at ending this stage of the campaign and her desire to continue to get stuck-in is her facial ‘denial gesture’. She throws a smile at the camera as she ends but instead of holding that smile to suggest it is anything but genuine we can see her rounded cheeks begin to fall and the smile disappear quickly from her eye expression.”

She added: “This appears to be Kate’s sign-off from the current stage of her career-defining campaign and either it was filmed before some of the other pieces to camera (They will often work in reverse order when the are filming shoots like this), meaning she hadn’t really warmed up, or that she was sad to be signing off at all, even temporarily.

“Given the energy and passion she has been displaying for this project I would suggest she was sorry to have come to this temporary end of what was an exciting and long-awaited campaign for her and her team.”

A relationship expert analysed Kate and William in more detail for Express.co.uk.

Sami Wunder is an expert whose words have appeared in Forbes, Time Magazine and business insider, among many others.

She told Express.co.uk Kate and William exemplify a strong power couple.

Sami said: “Kate and William are the ultimate royal power couple.

“They are solid on multiple levels, and are a perfect team both in their home life and when they are fulfilling their royal duties.”

She praised the longevity of their relationship, which she put down to their strong connection.

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