Korean Filmmaker Kim Yong-Hwa Still Planning Hollywood Project ‘Prodigal’ After Stan Lee Death; Updates On ‘Along With The Gods’ Sequels – Macao

Kim Yong-Hwa, the South Korean filmmaker whose credits include box office smash fantasy action drama Along With The Gods and its sequel, has provided an update on his planned first co-production with Hollywood.

Speaking at the 2019 International Film Festival & Awards Macao (IFFAM), the director said that he is still working on Prodigal, a U.S.-Korea co-production that he announced in 2017 would be produced by his company Dexter Studios, its first Hollywood film.

The project was set to be co-produced with POW! Entertainment, the American outfit run by Marvel Comics icon Stan Lee, who died last year at the age of 95.

Mr Kim said he is now in discussions with new partners about resurrecting the project, which was initially set to be written by I Am Number Four scribes Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, though didn’t disclose company names.

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Reports back in 2017 said it would focus on “paternal love”. The Korean filmmaker said he had also explored the topic in the two pictures he has directed since – the 2017 fantasy action box office smash Along With The Gods: The Two Worlds, which grossed more than $100m in Korea, and its 2018 sequel Along With The Gods: The Last 49 Days, which took north of $90m in its home market.

“The first film is a tribute to my mother, the second is a tribute to my father,” he explained.

The filmmaker also updated on a further two previously mooted sequels in the Along The Gods franchise, saying he was “hoping to finish” the series and that he would shoot them back-to-back, as was the case with the first two films. The pics are based on an online comic, and Mr Kim said he would “have to be loyal” to the original source material.

Mr Kim is also the founder of Dexter Studios, the Korean production company that is seen as a VFX pioneer in the region. Next up from Dexter is Ashfall (Mount Paektu), the big-budget disaster movie about a Volcano eruption on the Korean peninsula.

Wrapping up the Macao session, during which the filmmaker walked the audience through his VFX process behind films such as his 2013 comedy Mr. Go, about a gorilla that becomes a Korean baseball star, Mr Kim also teased that he is working on a sci-fi action drama about a spaceship that gets stranded on the moon.

Quizzed by an audience member about whether his focus on VFX could come at the detriment to actors, the director insisted that the two operate together seamlessly.

“VFX is not replacing real actors, it is supplementing them. We rely to an extent on the special effects but it doesn’t affect the performances of actors on site, they still discuss with the director and do what they want to do,” he commented.

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