Larry King Made Some Ominous Predictions About the Election in Final Interview With TooFab

The late broadcast legend spoke to TooFab in May.

Larry King called some things right about the election… and some things wrong.

The broadcasting legend, who passed away on Saturday at the age of 87, spoke to TooFab in May (along with his son Chance), where he predicted Trump would lose, and his handling of the coronavirus pandemic would be his downfall.

But while King was worried about how Trump’s supporters would take the loss, he was sure the then-President would rise above any threat of violence.

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“He’ll complain, but he will respect the constitution, I’m sure,” King predicted, laughing off suggestions Trump would barricade himself in the White House.

“And if he is not sworn in, he will be at the swearing in.”

The MAGA crowd, however, he had less confidence in.

“I worry about what some of his supporters might do,” he admitted. “You can’t account for your supporters… he’s got a lot of [whistles]… like the people in Michigan who brought guns to the state house.”

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When asked if Trump had a responsibility to tell his supporters to settle down, or would he stir them up, his old friend had high — and it seems possibly misplaced — hopes.

“I think he’ll rise above it,” he said.

“We live in turbulent times, safe to say,” he added of the pandemic. “We have nothing to go on, we’ve never had this. In 1918, whoever lived in that pandemic is gone. So we are discovering something new.”

“Was he late in handling it? It appears that way,” he said. “All of us were swinging a little late.”

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