Libra 2022 yearly horoscope: What the loving air sign can expect from 2022

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Libra, you’re going to find your authentic self this year. You’re drained and potentially unhappy and it’s time to move closer to your higher self and the life you truly desire. chatted to professional full-time practising Astrologer, Intuitive, host of the Coloring Outside the Box podcast and Author, Lesley Francis (@lesley.francis on Instagram) to find out the Libra 2022 yearly horoscope.

Overall Theme of 2022

Just when you thought you didn’t have anything left in your gas tank, life comes along and demands more of you, Libra.

2022 is a year in which you again have to dig deep into yourself in order to do more than survive, Lesley warned.

The astrologer said: “Consider this the last big push towards a life free of the feeling that your only job is to acquiesce to, capitulate to and acquiesce to the requirements of others.

“You want to move towards a life in which you can thrive on your own merits rather than bending yourself into a pretzel seeking external approval. Which, paradoxically, never arrives. Something you finally not just see but accept.

“This is not nor has it been a journey for the faint of heart so take time to acknowledge the courage and the inner fortitude you obviously possess.”

Looking deep inside yourself and pushing to get more out of your life is going to be really positive for you, even if it’s hard.

Lesley said: “It’s the fuel you can use to take this year and use it to your advantage, even when you are feeling that you have set yourself an impossible task. It really is like giving birth. After all, you are birthing a more authentic you.

“Someone who is as open to themselves as they are to others, and someone who no longer feels they need to camouflage themselves or disappear altogether in order to be accepted. Get ready to throw yourself a party.”


Of course, relationships are the space and the place where you will push the limits in order to break through anything that keeps you from being more of who you really are.

After all, relationships and partnerships, in general, are the traditional territory assigned to the sign of Libra.

Lesley predicted: “Don’t be surprised if you set aside your velvet gloves and bring out your iron fist. Because you have one. Most Libras do.

“If diplomacy doesn’t work, there’s always war. Of course, you don’t seek the latter.

“However, if you find you are not being heard or respected, you will throw down the gauntlet and prepare for battle because it will feel like a battle for your soul.

“Don’t shy away from that. Remember you are not trying to hurt anyone, you are simply being clear that you respect and value yourself enough to refuse to do anything that diminishes you.

“This may take place in one or two of your more significant relationships with positive results.

“When it comes to new relationships, especially romantic ones, it is imperative that you include yourself right from the beginning. Otherwise, you are following an old pattern and you will be challenged in a very painful way.

“This year is one of standing your ground and not apologising for being yourself.”

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Success and Money

You may find yourself believing that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, Libra.

Spoiler – it’s not! According to Lesley, changing locations won’t change the overall purpose of this year which is to claim yourself in any and all situations.

Lesley said: “Changing jobs or careers might seem like a good idea but you need to ask yourself whether you are running toward something or away from yourself.

“The one exception to this is if you find yourself experiencing abuse rather than constructive support. In that case, get out.

“There are many different ways to stand up for yourself, including removing yourself from harmful situations.

“Success this year will be defined by what you did to put yourself first in healthy and nurturing ways.

“As for money, be careful not to overindulge as an ongoing form of therapy.
There is a difference between treating yourself and trying to numb any discomfort.”

Pitfalls and Potential Problems

Valuing yourself when you haven’t done so in the past can create a variety of reactions in those around you, Libra.

Lesley warned: “Remember not to embrace or accept any comments, opinions, or judgements about who you are.

“It’s likely you will find yourself being prompted either by people’s words or actions to return to being who they want you to be, who they expect you to be.

“This is a normal part of changing and growing. Your old patterns don’t disappear because you want them to. In fact, they don’t disappear at all.

“Rather, they give way to the healthier expressions of who you are as you grow.

“The ones that make you feel stronger, more powerful and more yourself.

“This is your path going forward and the only person who can actually stop that is you.”

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