Long lost sisters separated in childhood reunite after 25 years

A pair of sisters who were separated as children have now reunited, 25 years since they last saw each other.

Mum-of-one Brittanny Bigley said she always knew her sister was out there – but after more than two decades apart, she never imagined she would ever get to hug her again.

The 31-year-old from Saratoga Springs, Utah, USA, was separated from her sister Amanda Stiles, 29, back in 1993 due to family difficulties, and she was adopted by another family.

While both women had made attempts to find each other over the years, it was only after Brittanny tracked down her sister on Facebook and sent a message that the two started talking again after 25 years.

Brittanny, who works in management, said: ‘When I was about two and a half and Amanda was one, we got taken away from our mum and her dad and placed into foster care.

‘My dad got custody of me, and the foster parents we were staying with adopted Amanda. It was a closed adoption, so they changed her name.

‘Growing up, my dad always told me I had a sister and I had some pictures with her and some vague memories.

‘My dad passed away when I was 10 which lead me back into the foster care system.

‘When I was about 17 I started thinking about her a lot more, but had no idea how to go about finding her.

‘When I was 23 my aunt brought me some paperwork and it had court files and information about me and Amanda, which helped my search.

‘Then after I had my daughter, I got more of a push for wanting to make it happen.’

After making a video on social media about her story, Brittanny received a message from her late father’s ex-girlfriend who helped with her search.

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With this new information, the mum – who was living in Oceanside, California, at the time before moving to Utah in September 2018 – was able to track down her long lost sister on Facebook.

‘I looked her up on Facebook with her new name, and when I saw the first photo that popped up my heart stopped,’ says Brittanny.

‘She had the same big fake eyelashes, little button nose, lots of makeup. We looked so much alike.

‘I recognised a picture of her dad. I screen shotted it and sent it to my dad’s ex- girlfriend, and she confirmed it was her.

‘I messaged her on both Facebook and Instagram, and she couldn’t believe I’d found her. She said she did have a sister named Brittanny.

‘I started crying because we finally found each other.’

Although the siblings spoke every day online, it was a while before they could see each other in person due to financial constraints.

Ever since, though, Brittanny said it was ‘like no time had passed’ between them.

Amanda, from Santa Rosa, California, said she had nearly given up all hope of ever finding her older sister and now feels ‘whole again’ after being reunited with her.

She added that being able to wrap her arms around her sister again was ‘magical’.

Amanda said: ‘That first hug was something I never wanted to let go of and the tears were just endless.’

Both sisters say their lives have never been the same since they have found each other and both feel that a space in their heart has been filled.

Amanda added: ‘We are best friends and talk all the time. It’s nice that she’s met all the important people in my life and I, in hers.

‘We can tell stories and update each other and know exactly who each other is talking about.

‘It really does feel like a big part of me that was missing for so many years is now finally whole again and that’s an indescribable feeling.

‘We have already gotten to make so many fun memories together as adults and I cannot wait to make more.’

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