Maltesers Biscuits to hit British supermarkets this month – and they look tasty

Listen up, chocoholics.

Mars is bringing a new product to the UK – and it looks delicious.

Malteser Biscuits are set to hit British supermarkets at the end of the month.

Unlike the original circular balls of choccy, this product is made from “malty bobbles”.

Three are stuck together with a milk chocolate coating – and on the inside you’ll find honeycomb and malt flavours.

The products have a RRP of £1.49, making them more than double the price of 37g bags of Maltesers.

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Since news of the upcoming Mars product has hit headlines, chocolate fans have shared their excitement on Twitter.

One enthusiast remarked: “I’ve just spent the past half an hour reading up and looking at Malteser Biscuits on Twitter… I NEED THEM NOW!”

Another said: “Maltesers Biscuits look amazing.”

And a third added: “Me! I want it.”

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Cadbury is bringing back an iconic 1970s chocolate bar after a fan campaign.

The iconic Bournville Old Jamaica was last available in the UK ten years ago – when it was brought back as a promotional gimmick.

But this time, the treat will come back as a permanent addition.

Meanwhile, Morrisons is selling chocolate-flavoured wine .

Made from Spanish Tempranillo grapes, the plonk is infused with the luxurious essence of cocoa and boasts subtle hints of spice, cherries and vanilla.

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And in other news, Asda sent customers wild for its Cadbury white chocolate.

Why? Because it apparently tastes just like the discontinued Dream bar.

One customer wrote: "Words cannot describe how much I love this! Great taste just like the 'Dream Bar' just re-branded."

Another added: "White chocolate lovers dream! Tastes amazing, will be a regular in my basket!"

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