Man decides best way to propose to his girlfriend is to set up an armed robbery

Engagements often elicit tears. Usually, though, they’re tears of joy – not abject fear.

For this bride-to-be, she got a bit of both, as her partner decided on potentially the most insane and terrifying proposal we’ve seen yet (and we’ve seen a lot).

The scene begins with the pair off to buy a few grocery items at a local convenience store.

While they’re at the checkout, an armed robber storms in, pushing the couple to the back of the store and appearing erratic.

The robber is questioning what his next move might be, holding what appears to be a gun to the pair and asking them questions about whether they have kids.

The poor woman is terrified, as the man says they have three kids (the oldest at 14, and the youngest just two) and aren’t yet married, much to the bemusement of the robber.

As she cries, hoping her little ones will see their mum again, she sees her boyfriend get down on one knee to propose.

You can probably imagine that at this point she’s somewhat livid, asking him ‘are you serious?’.

Although many of us would have told him where to go after that ordeal, he does eventually say yes.

In a follow-up video, the groom – who remains unnamed (probably to extricate himself from the ire he’ll likely receive) – details his thought process behind the whole thing.

He had initially told his girlfriend he didn’t want to propose in a ‘traditional’ way, and she had agreed.

The plans were that he was going to get his girlfriend arrested before proposing (fake, of course) but the police were unable to play ball with the joke.

That was where the fake robbery came in, with the future groom seemingly unaware that this was a terrible idea before doing it.

The man, from Boston, New York, did come to that realisation during and after the stunt, though.

He said: ‘My math was off. Way off. Horribly off’. He added that wasn’t how he envisioned it going, and he felt really bad given that this was supposed to be a special and romantic time for them.

Thankfully, there was a second proposal that came later, which was much less wee-yourself-because-you’re-so-scared.

‘Honey, I just wanted to say I love you, and I felt you deserved a better proposal than the first one,’ the groom-to-be said.

‘I hope this makes up for it, because I’m not sure our relationship can survive a third one’.

Better hope you guys never get robbed for real, or it’s going to be a real boy who cried wolf situation.

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