Man devises ‘perfect’ proposal with girlfriend’s dad but she is left in tears

The bar is being set increasingly high for proposals, with tales of underwater engagements, romantic photoshoots and viral adventures.

But for every high there is a low, and one unlucky woman found her proposal devoid of all romance as her boyfriend made a huge mistake.

In what is every romantic's nightmare, a man asked for advice after messing up his proposal.

Just one year after his girlfriend's mother died, he decided to mark the anniversary by proposing, but unsurprisingly it did not go well.

Taking to Reddit for advice, he asked how he could fix the situation, after his devastated girlfriend said she needs time away from him.

The couple have been dating for three years and he's been thinking about proposing for a while after saving up for an engagement ring.

He wrote: "I spoke with her dad about doing it the other month. I get along with him very well.

"He’s like another dad to me. Her mom and his wife passed away a year ago.

"They were both super upset as she was a great mom and a great wife.

"I tried to do everything that I could to help and support them.

"When I went to speak with her dad I told him that I planned to ask his daughter to marry me soon.

"We are both a little old fashioned so we agreed that I would talk to him beforehand.

"He was really happy to hear the news and gladly agreed.

"We talked about planning for the engagement to make it really special for the family since it would soon be anniversary of the death.

"He suggested that I do it on the day of, and to honor her mother so it is like she is there with us.

"He thought that it would make her feel better. I liked the idea and agreed. Well the day finally came."

On the big day, the man says he took his girlfriend to the spot where they met.

And he had bought her a very thoughtful gift – a necklace with her mother's writing on it.

So far, so good, but things took a nasty turn after this.

He continued: "I started out by giving her the necklace. She loved it and was sobbing.

"While she was focused on it I got down on a knee and got the ring out.

"When she noticed it I didn’t get the reaction that I expected.

"She was like “what is this? What are you doing?” I tried to ask for her to marry me.

"She cut me off mid sentence and said “no, no, no. Stop please.”

"I got quiet and didn’t know what to do.

"She said “are you really trying to propose to me on this day? Are you serious?”

"I told her I was 100% serious. She said “I can’t believe this. You can’t use this day to do that. This is so disrespectful.”

"I tried to apologize and tell her that I did know it would hurt her.

"I tried to explain that I did it to try and make it a happy, special day.

"She told me to take her and drop her off at her dads. He came out smiling until he saw her face.

"He was confused too. She left the car and ran inside before either of us could say anything.

"I explained what happened to her dad and he didn’t understand it and said that he felt awful for me. I tried calling and texting her several times.

"She finally sent me a text late that night that said “I need time.” I haven’t heard from her since."

On Reddit, many shared sympathy at the well-intentioned gesture going incredibly wrong.

One person wrote: "Oh god, this was like watching a train wreck happen in slow motion.

"Or the scene in a horror movie where you want to scream 'DON'T GO IN THAT DOOR!'

"I'm going to say NAH because you clearly had the best of intentions but this was the WORST idea.

"You and her dad should go grovel massively to her, explain that you thought it would be special but obviously it was not at all what she wanted and you're very, very sorry."

Another person added: "Yeah, my mom passed away and I was cringing the whole time I read this story.

"Dad definitely shares some of the blame here but this was just an awful idea."

A third person agreed, writing: "You both are total dumbdumbs. A day of death is the worst day to celebrate literally anything. Her BIRTHDAY would have been an appropriate honor."

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