Man proposes while girlfriend is holding worms in a monkey cage

A makeup artist was shocked when her partner decided to propose to her while she was in a monkey cage, holding worms.

Sarah Muddle, from Australia, was visiting the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary in Queensland with her boyfriend Blaine.

As she was occupied feeding tiny monkeys in the sanctuary, Blaine decided to catch her completely unaware.

Sarah was totally shocked to turn around and see Blaine on his knees holding a ring.

And it turns out staff were in on it too and kept the whole thing a surprise for Sarah.

Of course, the special effects artist said yes, and loved the custom-made ring Blaine had made for her.

The newly engaged artist shared the whole story on Instagram and images from their trip to the sanctuary.

‘So this just happened! I’m officially engaged! In love with my ring. Skulls and a black diamond yes please,’ Sarah wrote on Instagram.

‘Moment captured. I was in a cage with a hand full of worms feeding tiny monkeys! I turn around to see Blaine on one knee.’

When Sarah realised that the staff were at hand, helping with the proposal and making sure they captured the whole thing on camera, she was shocked.

She said: ‘I can’t believe literally all the staff knew about it all day. You guys kept the secret so well.’

Overall, Sarah was impressed by Blaine’s proposal, saying he went ‘above and beyond for it’.

She’s also in love with her custom ring which was made by a designer who worked on the set of Pirates of the Caribbean.

The designer worked on all the jewellery that was seen in the swashbuckling blockbuster.

The images of the engagement entertained many people on social media and the happy couple received lots of congratulations.

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