Man shaves beard off and girlfriend is in hysterics seeing face for first time

A woman who has never seen her partner without his bushy beard was rolling around laughing when he shaved for the first time.

In a TikTok video, mum Kell @kellxo shows numerous pictures of her partner with his majestic facial hair and comments: "I've never seen my partner without his beard."

She then films him shaving on the sofa and she can't stop giggling as he goes through various bold looks, rating them out of 10.

The goatee (which many women in the comments liked) was just a 5/10, retro handlebars 3/10, and, surprisingly, the pornstache was a "definite 8/10" – although Kell might be joking.

He then does the big reveal of his clean-faced style and the poor lad actually looks crestfallen, although Kell says he is handsome.

She writes: "Bareface 10/10 he's still cute."

The video was watched more than 60,000 times and many other people admitted it had them in stitches too.

One user said: "Haha the laughing… up until the porntashe… then his regret while you continue to wheeze laugh."

"I know the feeling of losing the beard and instant regret," said a second viewer.

A third joked: "Without the beard, he’s your boyfriend. With it, he’s your man."

Someone else said: "I think he looks really good shaven."

"How many of your kids cried?" asked another user.

Kell replied: "Just the littlest (two years old). She really does not like daddy without a beard."

This comes after a woman living with polycystic ovary syndrome straightened her beard for a body positivity video.

Because of her hormonal imbalances, Pumpkin grows facial hair which she used to spend a lot of time shaving.

She even twists it into a plaited style while encouraging other women with the condition to feel more comfortable about it.

Pumpkin's other tip is to apply beard oil to keep facial hair shiny and healthy-looking.

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