Mark Wahlberg Gripes Again About 18-Year-Old Daughter Ella 'Doing Tattoos'

"I literally have no authority over her until she realizes she needs me financially"

Mark Wahlberg says he doesn’t get any respect in his household … at least when it comes to raising a teenager.

The megastar made an appearance on Monday’s “Live with Kelly and Ryan” where he chatted about the dad life and the current challenges he’s facing.

Mark — who is father to 12-year-old Grace, 13-year-old Brendan, 16-year-old Michael, and 18-year-old Ella — said that his eldest was gearing up to start touring colleges.

However, with her age and looming flight from the nest comes with some changes in their dynamic.

“My 18-year-old, now I literally have no authority over her until she realizes she needs me financially,” Wahlberg said playfully. “She’s doing tattoos and all this stuff but she’s now really focused on academics, which is great. It took her a while to get there.”

Mark Wahlberg's Daughter Got Two New Tattoos … After Watching Him Laser His Off For 7 Years

The star previously talked about his concern over his teen daughter getting two tattoos, even after he spent seven years attempting to laser off his own (which you can read about in the link above).

Kelly Ripa then warned him about coming down to heavy on a particular school when they do the college tour, telling him emphatically, per People: “Don’t say a word. Do you hear me? You don’t say a word.”

Wahlberg quipped in reply: “That’s the motto with my oldest daughter and my wife!”

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But Ripa doubled down, making sure she was heard: “If you think whatever school is the best place, you shut it. Because you will talk them right out of that school.”

“I will take that advice,” the actor assured her, “because we’re literally going from one school to the other.”

Mark shares his children with wife and former model Rhea Durham.

Wahlberg is promoting his new Netflix movie “Me Time” with Kevin Hart dropping on the streamer Friday August 26.

Check out the video below to see more of what Mark said about whether or not he’s a “golf dad.”

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