Marvel superfan breaks world record with tattoo collection of comic characters

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A Marvel superfan has gone and broken a world record by having 31 characters from the comic book universe tattooed on his body.

Rick Scolamiero, 36, has decorated the majority of his body with these characters, having sat for approximately 350 hours to get them all done.

His hard work has paid off, as he now holds the title for Most Marvel comic book characters tattooed on the body.

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When the Canadian got his first tattoo back in 2011 – a Spider-Man on his arm – he never thought that he’d end up being a world record holder.

While he initially only had the goal of getting a sleeve filled with his favourite Marvel heroes and villains, this idea changed after he saw the incredible work of his tattoo artist.

"I fell in love with the artist's work and wanted to continue to see what else we could come up with regarding tattoos," he told Guinness World Records.

"I have been a Marvel comic lover since I was small and growing up we didn’t have much but I always had my Marvel comics and Marvel trading cards.

“They actually got me through some tough times so the idea of having them on my body forever just really appealed to me."

The 31 characters are in different locations all over his body – with Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow taking aim from his torso and Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk fighting Fin Fang Foom on his right leg.

The LEGO versions of Deadpool and Daredevil mirror each other on his inside ankles and Mystique sits snuggly on his neck.

Tattoos of Captain America, Loki, Thor and other characters are also scattered around his body.

And, in case you were curious, a tattoo of The Vision and Spider-Man 2099 are on each of his butt cheeks.

Rick was lucky enough to meet the legendary Marvel comic artist Stan Lee who signed his wrist.

It should come as no surprise that Rick got Stan’s autograph tattooed on that very spot to commemorate the occasion.

The Marvel fan has had to commit to a variety of six-hour tattoo sessions to achieve his desired look. All up he has sat for approximately 350 hours.

When asked which was his most painful tattoo, he said it was the inside of his thigh, where he has Hulk on his inner right thigh and Black Cat on his inner left.

The ink fanatic added: "It's all pretty manageable, though, and I’ve been told I sit pretty well, I just try to look past the pain and think about what the finished product will be!"

Rick often has people stop him in the street to admire his work and find out the story behind the tatts.

While most people have positive reactions to his ink, there are some who ask whether he thinks he’ll ever regret them. To this he says he’ll regret the things he doesn’t do in life, rather than the things he does do.

Rick currently has no plans to add to his collection of comic book ink.


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