McDonald's Customer Has Most Violent Overreaction Ever to Incorrect Happy Meal Order

Unhappy meal, more like.

A viral video from a Vancouver McDonald’s may have captured the biggest overreaction to an incorrect order, ever.

It was recorded by Canadian TikToker Kate Rebel, who was waiting in line behind the man at the Richmond restaurant when he apparently became upset about a Happy Meal, and took it out on the hand sanitizer, smashing it on the ground, before getting back in line.

Predicting there might more to the tantrum, she began filming… and she was right.

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As the unfortunate next man in line tried to assure the arriving manager that he was not the one who had smashed the sanitizer, the real culprit announces nonchalantly behind him: “I’m just waiting for my food.”

“You don’t get no food if you’re going to behave like this,” the manager explains to him.

“Look at how fast the cars are going through and look how long I waited,” he whines, before taking it vulgar: “Okay you can suck my d–k and then we’ll talk later. I paid for food.”

“We’ll give your money back,” she replies; sensing it is about to turn violent, she orders her colleague to call the police… and it turns out to be the second correct prediction in half as many minutes.

He suddenly proceeds to smash up the restaurant, beating down the plexiglass protection screens, pushing over monitors and cash registers, toppling a soft-serve machine, and smashing the glass donut shelving to pieces; at one point he even picks up a trash can and flings it at the staff, all the while demanding his $5 or so refund.

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Stunned customers shout at him to stop, with one mother yelling at him for scaring her daughter.

“Don’t tell me to f–king get me out of here when I paid for food you stupid f–ks,” he spits before finally storming out.

But his tantrum is not quite finished; as an innocent cyclist obliviously arrives at the restaurant, it appears the irate customer grabbed the bicycle and flung it across the carpark, sending the owner running after it.

“One step away from going to a mall and shooting the place up,” one commenter said. “That dudes a safety risk in general. He needs to be monitored and medicated.”

“Whoa. This is way beyond ‘Get me the manager’ Karen shit,” another agreed. “Just straight up violent, unhinged aggression. People are scary.”

Many commenters wondered if the cost of his four or possibly five-figure outburst was really worth the cost of a Happy Meal.

Richmond RCMP confirmed to TooFab a suspect had been arrested following the incident.

It seems staff at that very McDonald’s are particularly unlucky when it comes to unruly customers; Just in May, another viral video showed an anti-masker berating staff before purposely dropping his coffee on the floor:

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