McDonalds manager exposes oddest orders – from quadruple burger to McAffogato

A McDonald's manager lifted the lid on the weirdest orders he's ever received.

Dan Luke, who operates the Rutland Street branch of Maccies in Ilkeston, Derbyshire, has seen all manner of interesting combinations.

From mixing sweet and sour to TikTok-inspired secret menu items, Dan told DerbyshireLive there have been plenty of quirky requests over the years. So would you try any of these?

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Espresso shots in vanilla ice cream

A new trend involves putting an espresso shot in a vanilla milkshake.

Or for another take on the trend, some TikTok users order a cone and dunk it directly into their hot drinks. Think of it as an iced coffee or "McAffogato".

McDonald's offers a variety of coffees as part of their McCafe range on their UK menus – such as toffee lattes, flat whites and cappuccinos.

But the espresso-milkshake combo is designed to resemble a Starbucks Frappuccino – an iced, syrupy, coffee-based sweet drink topped with whipped cream.

Dan said: “It’s the new craze. I don’t use TikTok, but someone told me about it.”

Chips in milkshake

Despite a large selection of dips available – like ketchup, BBQ and curry – some customers still want more.

Dipping chips in milkshakes isn’t even a new fad as many brave customers have been enjoying the combination for years.

Strawberry, chocolate, banana and vanilla milkshakes are all quoted as being suitable dips for the fries for people who are so inclined.

Or some opt to dunk their chips in McFlurries.

Dan said: “That’s the weirdest thing. We’ve seen it quite a lot over time and still see it now.”

Extra cheese… on a triple cheeseburger

The Triple Cheeseburger, which was only introduced permanently in 2020, is the cheesiest item on the Mcdonald’s menu. It’s got three slices tucked between three burger patties.

But for some, this still isn't enough.

McDonald’s modern customisation options mean you can add an extra pinch, slab or slice of any of the toppings already included to your burger.

And according to Dan, a lot of people abuse that ability, making it four slices and three burgers between two bread buns.

There are also quirky secret menu items like the towering Monster Mac and McGangBang burgers.


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