McVitie’s launches new delicious Digestives with chocolate on both sides

There's nothing like a couple of Digestives biscuits with a cuppa to keep you feeling snug this winter.

Now what if we told you there's a new flavour of the delicious treats to go with your warm tea?

McVitie's has launched a new scrumptious addition coated in a thick layer of milk chocolate on both sides.

It combines the crunchy biscuit with silky smooth chocolate to make them even more luscious than before.

The Fully Coated takes the brand's famous golden baked biscuits and coats them in thick chocolate. Yummy!

And it's not just Digestives getting a new addition either.

The McVitie's Hobnobs have also been given a chocolatey overhaul with the oat biscuit covered in milk chocolate.

These delicious biscuits are available exclusively in Asda and will be rolled out in all major retailers nationwide from early January.

It will cost biscuit lovers just £1.79 per pack, not bad right?

Just looking at the biscuits now is making our mouths water!

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The biscuit brand said: "McVitie's Digestives are now more luxurious than ever with a full coating of thick, rippled, milk chocolate.

"With Milk Chocolate Digestives voted the nation's favourite, these extra chocolatey biscuits are sure to delight biscuit lovers.

"Each bite offers the perfect combo of delicious crunchy biscuit and even more of McVitie's signature silky-smooth milk chocolate.

"The inimitable crunchy, oaty biscuit of McVitie's Hobnobs is perfectly complemented by smooth milk chocolate."

McVitie's added: "The Fully Coated One provides an extra-special moment and lingering chocolatey aftertaste.

"These are too good not to share."

Earlier this year, McVitie's launched three new biscuits which would be great for dunking in your cup of tea.

Each tasty flavour had been designed and named by a chocolate fan as part of its Cadbury Inventor 2020 competition.

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