Medicom Toy Taps atmos for a Glossy "White Chrome" [email protected]

Medicom Toy has linked up with atmos for a [email protected] dubbed “White Chrome.” The figure, with its sleek curves and glossy finish, is a departure from the multi-colored [email protected] that the two labels and STAPLE produced back in June.

As its name suggests, the [email protected] features a slick white sheen that defines the smooth round surface of the figure. At the top of the [email protected] are a pair of tonal eyes in the shape of stars. “atmos” branding is stamped over a semi-transparent window at the center of the figure. A peek inside will show a series of tiny stars filling up the lower half of the body. The rest of the figure is kept clean without any other details to emphasize its futuristic polish.

The atmos x Medicom Toy “White Chrome” [email protected] 100% & 400% is currently available on Medicom Toy’s website for ¥13,000 JPY (approximately $125 USD).

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