Meghan Markle told Queen Elizabeth II she wanted to be a mother

Meghan Markle ‘bonded’ with the Queen by telling her how much she wanted to be a mother – and the late monarch even advised her how to best induce labour, Prince Harry reveals

  • Prince Harry recounts how Meghan shared she ‘bonded’ with the late Queen
  • They traveled to Cheshire together in June 2018 for first ever joint engagement
  • Meghan told Harry shared with Monarch how much she wanted to be a mother 
  • Writing in Spare, Duke Sussex said Queen advised on how to induce labour 
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Prince Harry has revealed how his wife Meghan Markle ‘bonded’ with his late grandmother the Queen by telling her how much she wanted to be a mother. 

The sweet moment happened during Meghan’s first ever joint engagement with the late Monarch, which saw them travel to Cheshire on June 17 2018, the Duke of Sussex related in his explosive memoir, Spare. 

The Duchess of Sussex came home to tell Harry that she and the Queen had strengthened their bond thanks to their love of dogs, and that she had told the Monarch she wanted to be a mother. 

Harry recounts his grandmother told Meghan that the best way to induce labour was a ‘bumpy car ride.’ 

Meghan talked to the Queen about her desire for children during their first ever joint engagement on June 14 2018, pictured, Harry writes in his memoirs Spare

Writing about Meghan’s first engagement with the Queen, Harry writes that his wife was ‘glowing’ when she returned from the trip and told him: ‘We bonded.’

‘We talked about how much I wanted to be a mum and she told me the best way to induce labour was a good bumpy ride! I told her I’d remember that when the time came”,’ he quotes Meghan in the book. 

The conversation happened a month into Harry and Meghan’s marriage, and marked a moment of renewed hope for the couple, Harry admits in the book. 

Five months later, the couple announced their were expecting their first child, first to the King and the Prince of Wales, and then to the rest of the family during a drinks reception for Princess Eugenie’s wedding in October 2018. 

The Duchess of Sussex got pregnant five months after her engagement with the Queen and gave birth to her son Archie on May 6 2019 (pictured at the Natural History Museum in February of that year)

Their son Archie was born at Portland Hospital on May 6th 2019, with Harry quipping he doesn’t remember if the couple tried his grandmother’s recommended method of inducing labour with a bumpy ride. 

In contrast, Harry said the pair felt ‘safer and calmer’ going into Lilibet’s delivery two years later. 

The Duke of Sussex made the intimate revelations in his memoirs, which was released today. 

The royal also made several TV appearances to promote the book ahead of its release, including on ITV in the UK and CBS in the US. 

Meghan enjoying a walk at Frogmore Cottage in the late stages of her pregnancy with Archie in 2019 

Prince Harry recalled that the couple ate Nando’s, listening to Sanskrit music and that he hogged the laughing gas during Meghan’s first delivery (pictured with their son Archie and her mother Doria Ragland in 2019) 

Last night, Harry appeared on Stephen Colbert’s late show, where the presenter mocked the book and the royal family ahead of the segment. 

The comedian compared his life to Harry Potter and joking the new book is available as a royal commemorative plate.

The Duke of Sussex was also seen downing tequila shots in an interview with The Late Show in New York after being swept into the studio by armed bodyguards yesterday.

Harry is at the end of his transatlantic TV blitz promoting his new memoirs Spare, which is out today. 

After playing a clip where Harry describes his pain at William trying to avoid him at Eton, the Late Show presenter said to roars of laughter: ‘That’s heartbreaking. To be rejected by his older brother at school even though that magic hat sorted them into the same house. What do you think? Hufflepuff? Gryffindor?’

In another teaser Mr Colbert said Spare is available in hardback, audiobook and ‘commemorative plate’ – a joke at the expense of Harry and other royals whose weddings and anniversaries are marked with limited edition tableware and crockery.

And then in a further joke at Harry’s expense – and the expense of the Royal Family including the Queen – Colbert says: ‘Stock up on corgis and steal a priceless cultural treasure from one of your colonies because The Late Show is going imperial.

Harry recalled the birth of their daughter Lilibet, which took place on June 4 2021 in California, was much calmer than Archie’s

After a series of serious TV interviews – which some critics claim failed to properly question contradictions in his book – the prince has chosen to do The Late Show, and looks set to be made a figure of fun.

Harry was seen downing tequila shots in an interview with The Late Show’s Stephen Colbert yesterday ahead of its broadcast in the US tonight.

Fans in attendance for the recording at the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City told the Duke of Sussex answered a series of questions from the late night host in his Colbert Questionert segment.

The quiz devised by the liberal comedian and TV host is 15 questions that he says ‘cover the full spectrum of human experience’.

Among the questions his guests get asked are what their favorite sandwich is, what app they most use on their phone and even what number Colbert is thinking of at that moment.

It is not known what his answered but people at the studios managed to film a glimpse of the segment where Harry was talking while double-parked with two tequila shots he later downed.

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