Meghan Markle's Half Brother Is Determined To Bring The Family Back Together

Meghan Markle’s estranged half brother, Thomas Markle Jr., wants an invitation to baby Archie’s christening in July. As is the case with several members of her paternal family, Meghan and Thomas Jr. don’t have the best relationship. He teeters back in forth between saying kind things and less-than-kind things about Meghan in the press. Just before Meghan married Prince Harry in May 2018, Thomas Jr. wrote a public letter to Prince Harry in an effort to warn him about Meghan. He called his half sister a “jaded, shallow, conceited woman” and that she would “make a joke of [Harry] and the royal family heritage.”

It’s no surprise, then, that none of Meghan’s family members, save for her mother Doria Ragland, were present at her wedding last year.   

Then in January of this year, Thomas Jr. told the Daily Mail that he was getting married and that he was inviting Meghan and Harry in an effort to reconcile their family’s bad blood. Meghan and Harry, of course, didn’t attend. About a month later, Thomas Jr. was back to calling his half sister names in the press. He called her a “little Hollywood starlet” and blamed her for tearing her father’s side of the family apart, for the riff between himself, their sister, Samantha, and their father, Thomas Markle Sr. According to Thomas Jr., the bad blood started back when Meghan left for Toronto to begin filming Suits.

Meghan Markle’s half brother, Thomas Markle Jr., wants an invite to Archie’s christening

Based on their relationship in recent years, Thomas Markle Jr. probably won’t be receiving an invite to Archie’s christening in July, but he’s not giving up hope yet.

He says it’s his personal mission to mend his family’s issues, and he wants to start at Archie’s christening.  

“I’m on a personal crusade to better the family image right now and it’s going be a slow, long process,” he said. “We’ve been dragged through the gutter long enough. It’s about time we get some peace in our lives.”

He’s putting the ball in Meghan’s court. 

“I can’t say whether I’m going to be invited, you know, I can’t say if Meghan is going to say, ‘Okay, enough is enough and, yes, I want my family back in my life,’” Thomas told the U.K. Express.

He also told the publication that his father “wants his grandchild in his life.” Meghan and her father also don’t have the healthiest of relationships. Just before Meghan’s wedding last year, her father staged paparazzi photos of himself getting ready for Meghan’s wedding when he wasn’t invited. He’d lie to the press about his relationship with Meghan and Meghan herself. Like Thomas Jr., Thomas Markle Sr. probably won’t be getting an invitation to Archie’s christening. 

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