Millie Radford of UK’s biggest family shares first snap of baby smiling

Millie Radford has taken to motherhood very well.

She is learning the ropes from her mum-of-22 Sue – and has already celebrated some exciting milestones.

In her latest Instagram post, the 19-year-old revealed baby Ophelia has started smiling.

The teen, who is part of Britain’s biggest family, shared adorable snaps of the two-month-old.

She described the wide grin as the “cutest smile ever” – and her 106,000 followers seemed to agree.

More than 13,500 of them liked the post, which garnered dozens of gushing comments too.

One commenter swooned: “Oh my goodness – she’s beautiful.”

Another said: “Millie your little girl is so beautiful and looking more like her mummy every day.

“You are a wonderful mum – God bless you.”

A third wrote: “She is growing so quickly. Gorgeous baby girl.”

And a fourth added: “Awww that’s the cutest little smile!”

Millie gave birth to her first child – a daughter who she named Ophelia – back in September.

The birth was announced with a sweet picture of the newborn, which was captioned: "The biggest chapter of our lives has begun."

Previously, the teen admitted her five hour labour “wasn’t that bad”.

She added: ”Loved every second of it, couldn’t believe how fast it went…

“Honestly it’s not that bad, I think I just got lucky because she wasn’t back to back, when I got to the hospital I was already 6cm [dilated].”

The mum’s miraculously pain-free birth meant many assumed Millie had an epidural – but she claims she did it all on gas and air.

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