Mind-boggling optical illusion makes you see fuzzy dots when you move in closer

An optical illusion can really test your eyesight with people seeing different things.

Usually you might see something which could be different to another person's perception.

Now the latest brainteaser to really baffle the internet has been shared on the Science Bob website.

It shows a square with black and white scribbles with a circle in the middle displaying the two shades.

But the shape in the middle looks a little fuzzier than the colours surrounding it.

On the website, it says the optical illusion uses visual vibrations to create a cool effect.

It added: "Try moving your head close to, and then away from the screen. The fuzzy dots appear to move."

Scientists call this kind of optical illusion a "visual vibration".

It means when you see patterns of black and white, your eye sometimes confuses the two and blends them.

Are you looking for more optical illusions?

Previously an optical illusion left Reddit users confused as it "caused brain to shutdown".

It was shared by @user/yungsuffi who wrote: "An optical illusion on display outside Paris City Hall."

The display was created by artist Francois Abelanet and it'll could leave you scratching your head for a few hours or even days.

On another occasion, a Reddit user stunned fans as they created an "amazing" optical illusion quilt.

The special quilt features so many colours that at first glance you just don't know where to look.

At the time it was posted, it garnered over 1,000 upvotes and dozens of comments.

One person described it as the "coolest quilt", while another claimed it was "awesome".

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