Missus dresses up as a cat before sex – she loves biting and scratching me

My girl likes to dress up as a cat before sex. She has several pussy outfits. She loves cats’ sensual movements and a bit of biting and scratching.

She takes her sex moves seriously and expects me to do the same but I struggle to stifle a giggle. Help.

JANE SAYS: I can’t see your girl hanging around if she senses you and she are on different pages. Clearly, she finds getting in touch with her feline side sexy and liberating.

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Are you prepared to indulge her? Why not throw yourself into having some furry fun?

Can you fake it until you make it or is this game too extreme paw you?

Hubby's stag do fling

My husband and I have been happily married for five years.

Recently at a party his mate drunkenly slurred: “Do you wanna hear a secret?”

With that he informed me my husband enjoyed a threesome with two women on his stag weekend a month before our wedding.

The evil mate seemed to get a perverse pleasure out of shocking me. I fled home in tears. Now my husband has confirmed it is true, he did cheat on me but asks that I forgive and forget.

He swears it meant nothing and, if anything, he’s more furious with his mate for telling.

Has the whole world gone mad? How can I stay with a man who kicked off our marriage with a shameful secret in his grubby underpants?

JANE SAYS: It’s highly possible your husband’s mate is jealous of your relationship. He decided to shake things up. Nasty.

But secrets have a habit of coming out in the end. Is there anything else your husband needs to tell you? Is he willing to take responsibility, genuinely apologise and promise it will never happen again?

You describe your marriage as a happy one, so it would be a shame to throw it away. But only you can decide if this is a divorcing issue.

Start talking and don’t allow him to silence or disr

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