Monster 70mph gales to blast Britain as heavy downpours bring 1.5inches of rain

Mammoth gales will lash large swathes of the country and cause travel chaos tomorrow, forecasters warned.

The latest icy blast is to sweep in from the west overnight and linger across the country on Tuesday.

Parts of Scotland will be battered by 70mph winds and up to 40mm of rain will fall in this area.

"Tuesday is going to be wet and windy for large swathes of the country. We have got a couple of weather warnings in place, for rain and wind.

"There is likely to be travel disruption because of this," Liam Miall, a Met Office forecaster, told Mirror Online.

"The winds will be the strongest at coastal and hilly areas, particularly in west Scotland and the west Highlands specifically.

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"They'll be gusts of 50-60mph inland and 70mph at the coast. It is going to be especially strong at the coast through the Irish Sea."

While temperatures will hit 11C in Manchester and Edinburgh, it'll feel considerably colder due to the monster gales.

These may also cause delays for vehicles on exposed routes and bridges and a short-term loss of power and other services.

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The weather warning has been issued for most of north Wales and as far south as Staffordshire and Shropshire in England.

Mr Miall added: "They'll be heavy rain in the same areas.

"Scotland will see the heaviest rainfall, up to 60mm in the mountains.

"The average rainfall for December in western Scotland is around 190mm so it will be very wet on Tuesday, but typically Scotland is wet in December.

"On Wednesday, it'll still be windy but they'll be more sunshine in some parts.

"Heavy showers on Wednesday will fall as hail and be thundery at times."

The turbulent week of weather also sees a significant drop in temperatures on Wednesday.

John Hammond, a former BBC weather presenter who now runs blog Weather Trending, said the rest of the month will be unpredictable and changeable.

"The strong wind is particularly noticeable," he said on his blog.

"It will blow cold more than hot. We are going to see wet weather at times.

"This wind will bring some showers in from the west.

"They'll be frequent blustery showers on Wednesday."

Met Office recently gave its verdict on the chances of a white Christmas this year.

Reports have claimed the UK is set to be chilled by 'the coldest winter in 100 years'.

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