‘Morning Joe’ Airs Archival Footage Linking Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump

President Donald Trump told reporters recently that he hasn’t spoken to disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein in more than a decade and that he was “never a fan” of the one-time banking wunderkind and accused sex-trafficker. But footage aired Wednesday morning on “Morning Joe” appears to suggest some of what Trump said wasn’t accurate.

The footage shows Trump and Epstein conversing, ogling women and laughing during a party at Trump’s Mar-A-Lago resort.

The footage was found in tapes from “A Closer Look,” a daytime news program that was hosted by former NBC News anchor Faith Daniels starting in 1991. The program, which was eventually re-titled “Faith Daniels,” replaced the soap opera “Generations” in a bid to boost daytime ratings at NBC.

NBC News said in an article posted Wednesday that the footage was taped in 1992 for a profile of Trump, who at the time had just gotten divorced. The tape shows Trump surrounded by what NBC News said

The 1992 footage was shot by NBC for Faith Daniels’ talk show, “A Closer Look,” for a profile of the then-newly divorced Trump and his lifestyle. Trump was largely surrounded by cheerleaders for the Buffalo Bills, NBC News reported, who were in town for a game against the Miami Dolphins. Trump is shown greeting Epstein and other guests, and, subsequently talking to Epstein, noting the fact that NBC was taping their exchange, and making Epstein laugh.

Introducing the footage on “Morning Joe” Wednesday, co-anchor Mika Brzezinski said the tape was found in the “NBC Archives.”


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