Morrisons sparks outrage by hiking cost of plastic bags to 30p each in third price increase this year – The Sun

MORRISONS has got another price hike in store for its plastic bags — this time to 30p each.

The supermarket chain has already hiked the cost twice this year — from 10p to 15p in January and to 20p in April.

The 30p tag — which is three times higher than most rivals — is being trialled in a few stores with a nationwide rollout planned. Bosses say they are encouraging bag reuse — but customers accuse them of cashing in.

Kristian Hicks, of Cardiff, tweeted: “30p for a carrier bag, Morrisons, really? What’s next, a rental charge for the shopping trolley?”

Another wrote on Facebook: “There’s saving the planet but this is just plain taking the mick.”

By law shops must charge 5p for “single use” plastic bags with the money going to good causes. But most, like Morrisons, sell robust “reusable” ones for higher prices — and there is no obligation for the cash to be given away.

In Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose they are 10p each, while in Asda they are 15p.

Morrisons, which is also increasing the cost of its paper carrier bags from 20p to 25p, says profits from bags are being invested in plastic reduction initiatives.

Juliet Phillips, of the Environmental Investigation Agency charity said: “With the so-called ‘bag for life’ increasingly purchased for single use, we welcome Morrisons’ move.

“We recommend a 50p to £1 charge as a real incentive for customers to cut down their plastic footprint.”

But Martyn James, of consumer group Resolver, said: “The fact people are increasingly concerned by the effect of plastics on our planet isn’t an excuse for firms to profiteer out of us.”

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