Most-used passwords of 2020 as fraud experts warn they’re a ‘major risk’

The top ten most-used passwords of 2020 have been revealed as careless users are told they are leaving themselves exposed to cyber crime.

The hard-to-believe list has been made public – and there are some stinkers as online fraud increases.

The most selected passwords make for concerning reading as hackers cash-in on relaxed methods of protection.

The most commonly used this year is '123456'.

In second place is '123456789' – with 'picture1' sitting in third spot in the concerning list.

Old favourite 'password' is the fourth most-used with 12345678, 111111, 123123, 12345 and 1234567890 making up most of the others.

Number ten, randomly, is 'senha'.

Action Fraud data shows there was an 87.5% increase in cases of cybercrime between March and April at the start of the pandemic.

Brits could lose £1.7m to hackers in November alone as cyber crime increases during the second lockdown, according to a study

On its website, NordPass states: "According to research, the majority of people use simple and easy-to-remember passwords, because it’s convenient.

"But the problem is that most memorable passwords are highly vulnerable to cracking.

"Less than half of the passwords (78 of them) were new to the 2020 'most popular' list."

The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre technical director Dr Ian Levy says we need to get smarted when tackling the issue.

He said: "We understand that cybersecurity can feel daunting to a lot of people, but the NCSC has published lots of easily applicable advice to make you much less vulnerable.

"Password re-use is a major risk that can be avoided – nobody should protect sensitive data with something that can be guessed, like their first name, local football team or favourite band

"Using hard-to-guess passwords is a strong first step and we recommend combining three random but memorable words.

"Be creative and use words memorable to you, so people can’t guess your password."

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