Mother, 41, is on a quest to experience the 12 types of female orgasm

Mother, 41, desperate to overhaul her ‘vanilla’ sex life after having children reveals her quest to experience the TWELVE types of female orgasm – and is launching a podcast to document her journey

  • Sarah Sloan decided her sex life was ‘vanilla’ after the birth of her first child
  • The mother-of-two, from the UK, wants other women to find their sexual selves
  • She aimed to start a conversation by documenting her journey to satisfaction
  • Sarah named her podcast 12 – after the 12 types of orgasm she wants to achieve

A mother-of-two desperate to reconnect with her ‘sexual self’ plans to document her quest to achieve the ’12 types’ of female orgasm in a podcast series.

Sarah Sloan, 41, from Frome, Somerset, recently realised she wasn’t getting enough sex with her partner of 10 years and decided to do something about it.

She takes pride in not being an expert, but is keen to help other women like her reach their sexual potential away from strip joints and male-dominated porn sites.

Sarah Sloan, 41, from Frome in Somerset, is trying to experience the 12 different types of ways a woman can orgasm – and she’s documenting it all in a podcast

Sarah has named her podcast 12 – after the 12 ways a woman can supposedly orgasm – and it’s set to launch on Valentine’s Day.

The list of orgasms include the well-known clitoral and G-spot climax, but also lesser known ones such as blended, cervical, nipple and mental releases of sexual tension.

She told FEMAIL: ‘After my first child I wanted to reconnect with my sexuality and being a sexual being. I didn’t know where to start.

‘There was nowhere for me. I definitely didn’t want to go to a strip joint. Then I looked at porn and that was awful and didn’t do it for me. 

Sarah has named her podcast 12 – after the 12 ways a woman can supposedly orgasm – and it is set to launch on Valentine’s Day

‘I thought, “Why isn’t there anything talking to me and my sexual needs?”‘

Sarah, who has a three-year-old son and five-year-old daughter, described her former sex life as ‘vanilla’ and has so far found she wasn’t as open to new sexual ideas as she had thought.

Sarah’s ’12 ways a woman can orgasm’ 

1. Clitoral orgasm

Caused by stimulation of the clitoris. These are often felt on the surface of the body, like a tingly feeling along your skin and in your brain.

2. Vaginal/G-Spot orgasm

Caused by stimulation inside the vagina.

3. Blended Orgasm

A clitoral and vaginal orgasm that happens at the same time.

4. Multiple Orgasms

Having more than one orgasm during sex.

5. Anal Orgasm

Caused by stimulation of the anus region.

6. Mouth orgasm

Caused by stimulation during kissing only to the mouth.

7. Cervical Orgasm

Achieved by stimulating the cervix.

8. U-Spot Orgasm

Often referred to as the female prostate, the urethral opening can produce pleasure. 

9. A-Spot Orgasm

This pleasure point is deep inside the vagina, between the cervix and the bladder.

10. Nipple Orgasm

A powerful feeling brought on by stimulating the nipple.

11. Zone Orgasm

An erogenous zone of heightened sensitivity that is different for each woman.

12. Mental Orgasm 

Brought on by thought alone, without any physical stimulation. 

After doing her own research she came to the conclusion her ‘heterosexual, cisgender, white British context’ shrouded women’s pleasure in mystery.

But her podcast isn’t just a ‘white feminist vehicle’ – she wants it to reach women ‘of all backgrounds, colours and experiences’.

She said there is a ‘connection between the vulva and women’s ability to relax, create, explore, lead and excel’ that she wanted to benefit more from.

Sarah added that an ‘overwhelmingly male gaze’ made it difficult to learn about her own sexual needs because the internet was full of male-centred erotica.

In her first podcast, she said: ‘Why when I go onto the internet to learn more about female sexual pleasure do I have to dig so deep, bypassing so much vulgarity, crudeness and misogyny? Why do I have to go to the internet in the first place?’

The podcast series won’t just focus on finding the female orgasm. She also wants to speak about everyday problems women face, like wearing an uncomfortable bra, and more serious issues such as female genital mutilation.

She said: ‘The series delves into the elements that come into play when women have sex; the psychological, the historical, the biological, the sociological and cultural.

‘Each episode also includes an insight into what happened when my partner and I tried to find the orgasm.

’12 is packed full of honesty, vulnerability as well as practical advice.’

So far Sarah and her husband, who does not want to be named, have reached eight out of the 12 possible types of orgasm.

They are saving the ‘toughest ones’ and the ‘showstoppers’ until the end. 

Listeners will have to wait with bated breath for a podcast episode about an anal orgasm – Sarah’s ‘finale’.

She added: ‘We haven’t done the spot, a non-erogenous zone in a particular place that’s different for every woman, or the oral orgasm. Women can orgasm through their mouths.

‘That’s something I’m interested to do, and the last is anal because everyone wants to hear about that. That’ll be the finale.’

Describing experiencing an orgasm, she said: ‘Pleasure is so gratifying and such a release for women. 

Sarah, who has a three-year-old son and five-year-old daughter, described her former sex life as ‘vanilla’

‘There are studies that show we go somewhere, shut off, we’re in limbo and it’s a huge release, an anti-stress mechanism.’

Sarah revealed the process has been harder than she first expected, despite having her husband’s full support.

‘There’s a gap between where I want to get to and the reality. It’s being gentle with myself and learning to let go,’ she said.

‘You can’t just unlock that much oppression overnight. The sense of sexual self doesn’t happen and it’s been harder than I’ve anticipated. Attaining those orgasms is difficult.’

So far Sarah and her husband, who does not want to be named, have reached eight of the 12 possible kind of orgasm (file image)

Her husband has been ‘totally up for it’ but was slightly ‘apprehensive’ about having his sex life broadcast so publicly.

‘My husband was like, “Brilliant, absolutely let’s do this, like what could not be good about this?”‘ she said.

‘Then there was apprehension when it was our sex life being out there for consumption. He’s a real “just be brave” kind of character, so a lot of men wouldn’t have gone along with it, but he really relished a challenge.’

The first three episodes will be available on February 14 on all major podcast channels. 

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