Mothers sympathised with Kate after Prince Louis' Jubilee behaviour

We all know that feeling, Kate! Duchess of Cambridge’s ‘silent words’ to Prince Louis, four, after his VERY cheeky Platinum Pageant behaviour strike a chord with parents who say ‘it’s so relatable’

  • Prince Louis stole the show at the Platinum Jubilee with his outgoing behaviour
  • The 4-year-old royal was spotted pulling funny faces at different London events
  • Kate appeared to tell Louis off  after cheeky display at platinum jubilee pageant
  • Parents on Mumsnet said they could relate with having a naughty 4-year-old 

Parents of toddlers and young children have described Kate Middleton as ‘just like any other mum’ saying they’re able to sympathise with the Duchess of Cambridge, after seeing her tell off a very cheeky Prince Louis during Sunday’s Platinum Pageant in London

The four-year-old stole the show with his antics throughout the celebrations to mark his great grandmother’s 70 years on the throne where he was snapped pulling funny faces at different events.

During the weekend’s closing event, the Platinum Pageant on Sunday, the youngster was seen waving his fingers in Kate’s face before putting his hand over her mouth, prompting the royal to apparently silently chastise her son.

After watching the clip, an anonymous poster took to parenting forum Mumsnet to say that Kate, 40, had struck a chord with parents everywhere when she spoke ‘silent words’ to Louis.

Many people have shared their opinions on Prince Louis’ behaviour during the Platinum Jubilee weekend, with lots becoming fans of his scene stealing antics

The four-year-old (pictured, right) was pictured pulling faces at his mother during Sunday’s Platinum Pageant (pictured)

At one point during the event on Sunday, Kate Middleton appeared to chastise the young royal

Many posters revealed that seeing the youngster play up made them feel less alone with their own parenting struggles, and said the situation was ‘relatable’

They wrote: ‘I’d love to know what she threatened him with under her breath.’ 

The post sparked a slew of responses with many parents saying they could relate to Kate’s parenting struggles.

Others noted that while Prince Louis’ behaviour had been called out by some internet users, it was very normal for a four-year-old. 

Meanwhile others pointed out how grateful they were to not have to parent so publicly.

Behind the little prince sat Mike Tindall who entertained the boy with funny faces to keep him amused.

From pensive to excited! Prince Louis showcased a range of emotions during his appearance yesterday in London

Several posters noted how relatable the moment was, with others saying they would not like to have to parent in front of such a large audience

Many noted how relatable the moment was, with one Mumsnetter saying: ‘Haha I think we all recognise Kate’s grimace trying to keep a rowdy 4-yo under control! Relatable.’

Another wrote: ‘My 4 year old is like this. Makes me feel less alone!’ 

Meanwhile, others sympathised, saying they wouldn’t like to be in Kate’s position, with one writing: ‘God, it puts me into a cold sweat thinking about having to try to defuse a grumpy/overstimulated 4yo in front of a massive audience!’   

Another agreed, writing: ‘Imagine having your parenting skills on display to the whole world with a recalcitrant 4yo…(not for all the money….)’

Numerous respondents pointed out that Louis’ behaviour – while rowdy – was totally normal for a four-year-old, particularly given that he’d been sitting still for a long time

Many Mumsnetter felt that Kate Middleton had done well getting through a long day with a four-year-old, and they praised her parenting nous

Lots of commentators pointed out that Louis’ behaviour was quite standard for a four-year-old, noting that he had been sitting for a long time during the event.

One said: ‘It was a very long time for a 4 year old to sit still. I thought she managed him very well and it was so sweet seeing him sit on Prince Charles’ lap. They obviously have a very close relationship.’ 

Meanwhile, another wrote: ‘Would you believe it, a four year old acting like a four year old! I always feel bad for people when their little ones are acting up in public and try to give them a smile of solidarity.

He stole the limelight on Thursday after delighting crowds as he stood chatting to the Queen – and Prince Louis showed off his star power again on Sunday while watching the Platinum Jubilee Pageant in London

The prince pulled more than a few faces as he watched the pageant from the Royal box with his mother, the Duchess of Cambridge

Sticking out his tongue! The four-year-old showcased several amusing expressions as he sat next to his mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, in the royal box during the fourth day of Platinum Jubilee celebrations

At times, he was seen clenching his fists, sticking out his tongue, waving his arms in the air, putting his hands over his mother’s mouth and standing in his seat for a better view of the spectacle

He later moved across to his other relatives and sat on his grandfather Prince Charles’ lap, who pointed out various interesting parts of the parade to try and keep the four-year-old entertained

‘I’m not surprised he was bored and fidgety, it was very very long and boring at times and four year olds aren’t made to sit still for hours.’

A third simply wrote: ‘I thought Louis did really well considering he is only four years old.’

Others praised the duchess for getting through the long day, with one Mumsnetter writing: ‘Well done Kate! You deserve a day in bed yourself tomorrow.’ 

Another added: ‘What this weekend really shows is that K&W do a lot of parenting and don’t leave it all to the nanny (nannies?). They both look like confident parents who know what works with the kids when out in public.’

Meanwhile, a third wrote: ‘I think Catherine dealt really well with her 4 year old. Charlotte and George behaved extremely well over the four days.’

During the pageant on Sunday, Lena Tindall, 3, (pictured, centre) pulled out some sweets, offering one to Princess Charlotte, before Prince Louis (left) and Savannah Philips (right) also tucked in 

The sweet incident marked just one of the funny situations four-year-old Prince Louis found himself in over the four-day Jubilee celebrations

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