Mum gobsmacked as neighbour writes angry note demanding noisy kids get curfew

Most people know that kids aren't the quietest people sometimes – especially during the school holidays.

However, one person didn't stop that from writing an angry note to their neighbours about their children.

Earlier this month, a parent, who lives in Sydney, said she received a rude letter from her neighbours demanding that she give her kids a 9am curfew – even though the state is currently in lockdown.

The note, which was shared on a local Facebook group, started by sarcastically congratulating the parent on her recently completed home renovations.

It read: "Your neighbours have endured many months of construction noise and now we are being disturbed by your kids in the backyard early in the morning.

"We wish to request that you keep your young kids indoors until 9am.

"There have been many occasions in recent times when your kids are out in the backyard early in the morning and they have been very loud and noisy."

The note also accused the kids of "disturbing the peace" in the neighbourhood.

Taking aim at the lady's son specifically, the letter continued: "Sometimes they are out very early around 7:30am and unfortunately, they have very loud voices.

"Your son in particular is always screaming [at the] top of his voice."

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Acknowledging that "kids will be kids", the anonymous neighbour finished: "I'm simply asking if they can go out later so your neighbours aren't [woken up] too early in the morning."

The note was written on a computer, meaning the parent presumably doesn't know who specifically wrote the letter.

However, it certainly sparked fierce debate on Facebook.

One person exclaimed: "Seriously! We are in lockdown. My neighbours have four boys and they are out very early and I feel nothing but compassion for them. We all need to show a little patience."

While others branded it "disgusting".

A third added: "What a joke, construction starts at 7am where I live."

Despite this, another person argued that the mum was being "inconsiderate", writing: "I think parents of young children forget what it’s like to have a healthy and sufficient sleep cycle so they decide that everyone else should suffer with them."

Meanwhile another parent who has hit headlines this week is a mum who asked if she's an "a**hole" for allowing her son to be named after an animal.

The parent has sought advice online after her three-year-old son has become bullied over his animal nickname.

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