Mum ‘lunchbox shamed’ for overfeeding kids has tragic explanation why

An Aussie mum was surprised at the level of hate aimed at her online after she shared photos of her children’s lunch boxes to Facebook.

The mother-of-four found herself being slammed by strangers who posted judge comments on the foodie snaps.

She filled the lunch boxes with sandwiches, crisps, pretzels, fruit and a regional cake snack called lamington’s.

And according to some parents – she gave her children too much food.

Following criticism, the woman defended the packed lunches she made for her two high-school aged and two primary school aged kids.

The anonymous mum clarified that her children were not overweight and never let their food go to waste.

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This sparked an unexpected barrage of further abuse, with one commenter asking: “How do they have time to eat and play too?”

A second commented: “My kids wouldn’t eat all that in a week.”

The woman snapped back at the critics and said they had their “knickers in a twist” and that she enjoyed giving her little ones a varied and plentiful diet.

She also divulged that she's experienced "starving" in the past, Mail Online reports.

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She wrote: “I was lucky to get even three food items. I do this to ensure they don't get hungry.

"If they have leftovers they will eat them when they get home instead of an afternoon snack.”

She went further and explained what her primary children would usually eat at lunchtime.

She said that each child’s lunchbox would typically include: a sandwich, a handful of blueberries and grapes, a dozen pretzels, one lamington finger, five crackers with a matching five cheese slices and a watermelon slice.

The woman said that the headmaster at her children’s school had already made fun of her kids packed lunches by asking if they had any other room in their bags.

She responded: “Yeah, we managed to fit a drink bottle and hat as well.”

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