Mum praised for taking 10-hour break by hiring a night time nanny for her son

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A mum-of-two has been praised for prioritising her mental health when she showed what's it's like to have a night doula so she could have some alone time.

Brittany Bright, from US, said the routine allows her to have roughly 10 hours as she would "retreat to her bedroom" and let the nanny to take care of her two-month-old son Maddox.

"First I will have to get him to bed, get him cleaned, get his essential oils on and burning and prepping bottles for the doula to give him for the night," the parent says.

"She arrives at 8pm – at that point, I retreat to my bedroom where 8pm to 6am is my time. And then after a good night's sleep, I go relieve the doula at 6am."

When Brittany is on her "mum time", she will enjoy a nice bath and light a scented candle to help her to relax.

While some parents disagreed with Brittany and called her a "lazy mum", adding that she should spend more time "bonding" with her newborn.

She explained that she still suffers postpartum depression after giving birth to her first child, hence why she hires a nanny to provide assistance.

"Do I feel like I have a bond with the baby? Absolutely!" the mum answers.

"We have our doula with us two days a week so we have our baby the other five nights in the week. Those two nights, the doula is incredibly helpful to us because then we can give our five-year-old son, devote our attention to him.

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"We get to sleep, we can get things around the house done. Our doula has been with us throughout my pregnancy – she's been giving me advice, both emotionally and physically."

One viewer commented: "And this is how you have children and not lose your damn mind!"

Another parent showed her support by saying: "This is how we prioritise black women's health in this country. Thank you so much for sharing."

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