Mum renovates hallway for £270 with flower wall and LEDs inspired by Katie Price

Home renovation can be stressful and expensive with many Brits feeling unable to afford a new home look as the cost of inflation squeezes budgets.

But, that doesn’t mean those who want to give their home a bit of a makeover should give up – they just have to be creative about it.

Mum-of-five, Kirsty Asadi, 32, a housewife from Hertfordshire, did just that and created a flashy flower wall with an LED display to add some drama to her home decor.

And, she took inspiration from Katie Price’s Mucky Mansion and spent just £270 on making it using some DIY tricks.

Kirsty bought her materials from Amazon and Etsy to pull the project off, claims WalesOnline.

Kirsty told money-saving Facebook group DIY On A Budget UK: "My hallway is very small and has no ceiling light – it’s always been very dark and plain. I saw Katie Price’s Mucky Mansion and absolutely loved her bold ideas.

“I used a few of her ideas. The sign was inspired by her Priceywood sign also in her hallway.

“She put fake grass on Jett's bedroom wall and her lovely mum and sister put a gold radiator in Katie’s garden room and we all know how much Katie loves a bit of hot pink in her life! I set about bringing the ideas together.

“First I found a sign from Etsy at a 150cm width, which cost roughly £185 in the January sales. I bought six fake foliage panels from Amazon costing £25 for a pack of three.

"I bought two lots totalling six panels. I also spent £15 for the gold paint from Amazon and the blind was also from Amazon for £25."

She continued: "I added the bling to the blind with what I already had in the cupboard and got the trusty glue gun out to add the roses to the panels. It didn’t take long to do as it's such a small space but it has given it the brightness and the wow factor I wanted.

"I’m very pleased with the outcome! I’m now moving on to my daughter's bedroom next and plan on doing something bold in there too.

"I absolutely love that it’s different and that I’ve added my own details. My advice to all DIYers is 100% take chances because it can really pay off.

"I’ve had lots of lovely comments and people asking where I got my sign and panels from as they would like to do the same! I saved a lot because the LED sign could have been double the price of what I paid so the whole hallway cost less than some LED lights the same size as I have.”

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The project cost Kirsty just £270 and she’s proud of the “high end” look she got for a “fraction of the price”.

Kirsty added: “You can save a lot of money just creating handmade items and there are always plenty of groups around to give pointers on looks and help suit all budgets. Even if you’re on a small budget, you can make something beautiful if you just give it a go.

"Katie Price was a massive influence – she wanted to show that it doesn’t matter how much money you do or don’t have, it’s more satisfying to do it yourself, and she was so right!”

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