Mum ridiculed for ‘trashy’ hack as she transforms £1 bin into light shade

When your daughter needs a new light shade for her room, what do you do – head out to the shops and buy one, or come up with a creative way of making your own?

One Australian mum thought she'd done a fabulous job of transforming an everyday item into a quirky piece of homeware for her child, but the people of social media don't seem to agree with her.

Instead they've branded her efforts "trashy" as she decided to use a $2 (£1.11) white-coloured metal bin as a light shade.

Photos of the woman's attempt were shared on the Facebook group Kmart Unhacks & Roasts.

They showed how she'd made holes in the bottom of the bin to fit it to the ceiling and fixed a row of pom poms to both ends.

The post was captioned: "S T U N N I N G. Still looks like a two dollar bin Brenda.  #justbecauseyoucandoesntmeanyoushould ."

Hundreds liked the images and more than 1,000 people commented on the post, mocking the mum's final product.

One person said: "Come on….. this is ridiculous!! Like who in their right mind actually would EVER consider using a bin like this… It’s cheap, it’s nasty, it’s trashy."

A second person wrote: "Must be the bad daughter she doesn’t really like much."

Another replied: "That looks s***."

"It looks like a light fitting in a prison. Or an interrogation room in one of those American cop shows," joked a fourth user.

Someone else added:  "Shine bright like a trash can……coz you're garbage."

Others pointed out that the mesh bin wasn't doing a good job of shading any of the light.

"This monstrosity is not shading anything," they commented.

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