Mum’s fury after Boots pharmacist gives daughter wrong prescription drugs

A mum has been left furious after a pharmacist gave her daughter the wrong prescription drugs.

Sharon Brown said her daughter Darrolle, who has a learning disability, picked up her prescribed painkillers from a Boots store in Brighton.

Darrolle, 29, noticed the bright yellow box was different to normal – but had the right label – and called her mother in a panic.

Horrified Sharon said she told Darrolle, who lives in a residential care home, not to take any of the pills because they could make her seriously ill.

Boots has since apologised and said it has taken "appropriate action" following an investigation.

Sharon said her daughter is given co-dydramol – a painkiller used to treat aches and pains including headaches, migraines, muscular and joint pain, period pain and toothache – because she gets frequent pain in her back after having two blood clots near her lungs.

But she was given dihydrocodeine, a narcotic painkiller.

Sharon said: "She rang me up and told me the label on the box was right, but the actual tablets were totally different.

"When I saw them my eyes nearly fell out of their sockets.

"You could see that they were completely wrong, but it had been signed off on both sides of the box.

"Thank the lord she rang me and said 'Mum, I've got a problem', because she could have easily taken them.

"I told her 'whatever you do, do not take any'. I was in horror and I was really worried it could have caused her harm."

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