‘My boyfriend gets beaten whenever he’s not with me – and it’s such a turn off’

My boyfriend is very unfortunate whenever he’s away from me.

He gets mugged and beaten up. When we’re together he’s fine, but the minute he goes to clubs and bars on his own, he becomes a victim.

In the last few months he’s lost his wallet, watch and two phones.

He’s been badly bruised and even mislaid jackets and coats.

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I worry about him, but he dismisses all this misfortune as simply “bad luck”.

It’s not nice making love to a guy with bruises on his body or a black eye.


I get the impression that you don’t really know what your boyfriend gets up to behind your back.

What kinds of bars and clubs is he visiting and who are the people he mixes with when you are not about?

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Do you really know this guy at all? Does he get drunk and get into fights? Does he have sexual desires and fetishes that you know nothing about?

Something is clearly going on because no one is that unlucky or careless on such a regular basis.

Insist he levels with you. Is he sleeping around?

Consider your sexual health and your reputation.

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