My brother is drinking in secret – I want to help but I just don't know how | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: I’VE just found out that my brother is secretly drinking.

I really want to help him but don’t know how.

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I’m his younger sister – he’s 38, I’m 35. We share a house together and I’m not perfect – I like a drink and a smoke but I’ve spent too many evenings recently watching my brother get blind drunk.

I was doing a big tidy up last weekend and found cans of cider hidden around the house and garden. There were even empty cans put back in the fridge to look unopened.

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I caught him drinking neat vodka once and watched him fill the bottle back up with water. He denied it but I saw him with my own eyes.

He must think I’m stupid and it’s starting to wind me up. He obviously has an addiction but is not willing to face up to it.

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DEIDRE SAYS: He is in denial and while it is tough to hear, ultimately there is no other truth – your brother is responsible for his own behaviour, not you.


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You can’t make him change – only he can do that if and when he is ready.

My support pack Drinker In The Family explains tactics, while Al-Anon Family Groups help families of those with alcohol issues (, 020 7403 0888).

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