My ex-partner tried to kill me before my grandparents saved me

My ex-partner battered me with a hammer and drove around for 12 hours – I feared he was trying to find somewhere to bury me, but my grandparents saved my life

  • WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES: Jasmine Molyneux attacked by Nathaniel Corkish
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A thug who repeatedly strangled his ex-partner, battered her with a hammer then kidnapped her and drove her around for 12 hours ‘searching for a burial site’ has been jailed.

Nathaniel Corkish, 31, left his terrified victim, Jasmine Molyneux, with life-changing injuries following the terrifying three-day ordeal. 

The prolonged attack began on November 11 last year, when Corkish strangled Jasmine and dragged her up the stairs by her neck. He then smashed her in the head and face with a hammer before forcing her into a car and drove her around for 12 hours, during which she believed she would die.

Corkish was jailed for eight years earlier this month after admitting grievous bodily harm, kidnap and non-fatal strangulation.

Mum-of-one Jasmine, 26, from the Wirral, has bravely spoken for the first time of her horrific ordeal.

Jasmine with her grandparents, Philip and Sue, who alerted the police after not hearing from her and later finding blood stains in her home 

Jasmine Molyneux, 26, was left with life-changing injuries when her ex-partner Nathaniel Corkish, 31, viciously attacked her last November. Pictured after she was rescued by police  

It was only thanks to her quick-thinking grandparents, who alerted police, that Jasmine was saved. Armed officers later ambushed Corkish and rescued Jasmine from the car.

She spent four days in a coma and ICU and a further month in hospital and has been left with long-term and life-changing injuries.

She says: ‘I went through absolute horror. As he drove me round, I knew he was looking for a burial site. I thought he was going to throw me in the river.

‘I am determined to move forwards with my life, with my baby son, and I won’t let this ruin me.

‘Nathaniel’s control over me was clear early in our relationship, but I didn’t realise how serious it would become. I want other women to learn to spot the early signs and to walk away from abuse – whilst they still can.’

Jasmine, then 25, met Nathaniel Corkish through mutual friends on Facebook in November 2019.

She says: ‘At first, Nathaniel seemed really nice, he was pretty quiet but he was good to me and seemed protective and caring.

‘But then, he started saying: ‘Don’t cheat on me’ which was odd, since I wouldn’t do that. He objected to me wearing make-up and perfume because he thought I was doing it to attract other men.

Corkish was jailed for eight years earlier this month after admitting grievous bodily harm, kidnap and non-fatal strangulation

Jasmine spent four days in a coma and ICU and a further month in hospital and has been left with long-term and life-changing injuries since the attack 

‘He quickly went from being protective to very controlling.’

Jasmine fell pregnant late in 2020 and hoped the couple could make their relationship work. But Corkish restricted her showers and also her meals.

She says: ‘I was only allowed one meal a day. Some days, he didn’t let me shower. I wanted to leave but I felt so isolated. I was brainwashed and he made me think I couldn’t cope without him. My confidence was low because he was so horrible to me.

‘He completely degraded me and I felt worthless, as though I didn’t have a say in my own life.’

She ended their relationship, but when their baby son was born, she gave him another chance.

Pictured: the mother-of-one during her treatment in hospital after being rescued

She says: ‘I wanted my baby to have a father. His family was very keen for us to get back together, and I felt under pressure from them too.

‘Our relationship was on-off but as time went on, I realised he wouldn’t change. I was scared of finishing with him, because I knew he’d take it badly.’

In November last year, Jasmine built herself up to asking Corkish to leave. She was surprised when he seemed to react well to her decision and calmly left the house.

But three hours later, he burst back in and began strangling her.

Jasmine says: ‘I was in and out of consciousness. He took my phone off me and smashed it. He dragged me upstairs, and on the stairs, he smashed me three times in the face and head with a hammer.

‘In the bedroom, he strangled me again, and I knew I was choking, I was gasping for breath, I could feel my face and neck swelling.

‘All the time, he was whispering in my ear: ‘Ssh, everything is OK. I love you so much.’

Jasmine lost consciousness. Over the next two days, she was mainly unconscious, whilst Corkish burned their blood-stained carpets and bedding in a back garden fire.

Jasmine on a recent night out with friends. She admitted she has nightmares about her attack from last November 

 The mother-of-one, pictured recently, is still recovering from her ordeal both physically and mentally 

Jasmine says: ‘When I came round, it was two days later. I knew I had to get out. I went downstairs, and tried to run out, but he caught me. I had to make up an excuse, to convince him I wasn’t going to the police.

‘He made me get in the car with him and promised me he was taking me to hospital.’

Instead, Corkish embarked upon a horrific 12 hour drive, during which Jasmine believes he was searching for a burial site. He blacked out the back windows of the car using clothing and blankets so she could not alert other drivers. When she asked him to let her out of the car, he pulled over and strangled her again.

She says: ‘I was trying to accept I was going to die. He seemed to favour throwing me in the river. I was petrified, but also so ill that I kept losing consciousness.’

Jasmine’s grandparents, Philip and Sue, became alarmed when they could not contact her, and Philip visited her home – shortly after Corkish had kidnapped her.

When he found the carpets burned, and bloodstains on the furniture, he called police. Corkish was later arrested by armed police setting up a road block in Wirral, Merseyside.

Jasmine says: ‘My grandfather saved my life, no doubt about it.’

She was rushed to hospital, and treated for head injuries, fractures including a shattered eye socket, a detached retina, cataract, and severe bruising.

She had surgery and was in a coma for four days. She spent 5 weeks in hospital and her family was warned she might die.

Nathaniel Corkish, of Skelmersdale, pleaded guilty in December last year at Preston Crown Court to causing grievous bodily harm, kidnap and non-fatal strangulation. Earlier this month, he was sentenced to eight years in prison.

Emanuele Bellanca, senior crown prosecutor for CPS North West said: ‘Nathaniel Corkish is an extremely dangerous man. After attacking her, he lured her into his car on the pretence he would take her to the hospital, refusing to let her out of the car and strangling her if she dared to ask to be let out.

The mother-of-one with her new partner Lewis. She said she is determined to move on with her life 

Jasmine faces further surgery and has been left with limited vision in her right eye, and a loss of taste and smell since the attack

‘During the 12-hour journey she feared for her life believing he was searching for a burial site for her body. I would like to recognise the action taken by the Merseyside Police ensuring the safety of this woman when they stopped the car.

‘I would also like to commend her bravery in supporting the case against the man who inflicted the most appalling physical, emotional and mental injuries upon her. I hope that following today’s sentence she can begin to move on with her life.’

Jasmine faces further surgery and has been left with limited vision in her right eye, and a loss of taste and smell. She has extensive scarring. But she is determined to move on with her life, and has found happiness with a new partner, Lewis.

She says: ‘I struggle to sleep, and I have flashbacks.

‘But I am rebuilding my life, with my baby, and I won’t let this beat us. I want to speak out to warn other women about him. I also want women to be aware of the dangers of controlling partners.

‘If a partner tells you to stop wearing make-up or short skirts or perfume, you should leave him. These are warning signs of something far more serious.

‘I count myself lucky because I have survived, and I want to use my ordeal to save others. Luckily, not all men are the same and I have a new partner, Lewis, who is kind and understanding and has supported me in my recovery.’

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