My friend is battling depression but they won’t take my advice and get help – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: A FRIEND with depression is having a really hard time of it but I fear she is not helping herself with the lifestyle she leads.

Her life is very up and down. Like me, she is 34 but she has had way more partners than me.


We go out for a drink now and then and she always gets drunk.

She goes out with other friends too and in my view she puts it about a little too much.

She says she wants to be wanted but lurches from crisis to crisis.

Even when things are calm, she is crying for some guy or other she knew years ago.

She won’t take my advice and I’m out of ideas.

I’ve got health problems of my own to deal with and I worry I can’t be there for her.

DEIDRE SAYS: You are a good friend and have tried hard.

Speak frankly to her, explaining that you can’t do it for her and she must help herself.

Urge her to seek help for her depression by seeing her doctor and tell her drinking won’t help.

She is the one who must change and it is time for you to look after yourself.

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