My husband ruined our wedding night by calling me the wrong name during sex – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE:  MY husband ruined our wedding night by calling me by another girl’s name while we were having sex.

We have been together three years and had a Caribbean wedding. He is 28, I am 26.

It was so romantic – perfect until he said that. I spent the rest of the night crying in the bathroom.

He keeps apologising and swears it was nothing. He has a female friend with the name he called me but I don’t think there is anything going on.

Still, it keeps playing in my head. It was awful. Just looking at wedding pictures brings it all back.

Our sex life was brilliant but is now virtually non-existent. He wants to pretend it never happened but I can’t do that.

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DEIDRE SAYS: Our brains can short-circuit illogically, especially under strain – such as the tension of the big day. You love him, he loves you and you don’t believe he has cheated. That is what matters.

Whenever you think about his slip, replace it with three happy memories of your wedding day. Go back to basics.

Hold hands, kiss, be loving and close when you are together and build up to having sex again.

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