My husband stopped having sex with me so I got pregnant on a one-night stand

Me and my hubby haven’t had sex since before Christmas.

A while ago I went on a girl’s weekend and had a one-night stand. I missed a period and assumed it was the start of the menopause.

But then I felt sick and did a test. Now I’ve discovered I’m pregnant.

I’ve tried to have sex with my husband to pretend that it’s his, but he’s not interested. Any time I climb on to him, he pushes me right back off again. He moans that I’ve lost my mind.

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It’s true, I have. I’m going out of my nut with stress and worry.

JANE SAYS : Do you wish to keep this baby? You must make up your own mind. Don’t allow anyone to tell you what to do. Can you speak to a trusted friend or relative about your next move?

Ultimately your husband will need to hear the truth – whether you continue with the pregnancy or not.

You and he will need to discuss why you haven’t had sex since ­before Christmas and why he isn’t interested in you now. Equally, you will have to explain why you cheated and apologise.

The following months won’t be easy, but you have no choice but to proceed as maturely as possible.

In stark terms the three options you have are parenting, abortion and adoption.

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