My husband thinks he has erectile dysfunction but I know this isn’t true

DEAR DEIDRE: MY husband thinks he has erectile dysfunction but I know this isn’t true.

He’s 64 and I’m 58 and we have grown-up children.

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We always had a great sex life but in the last three years or so, it’s eased off.

He now says he can’t perform but I know that he can – although when we have done it, it’s over for him very quickly and he can only do it in one position before he loses it.

He’s still working and it makes me think he’s getting sex elsewhere, but when I try to talk to him we end up arguing about it.

DEIDRE SAYS: It’s most likely he’s feeling embarrassed that his sexual prowess has gone.

You know he can do it so give him encouragement to show that you still fancy him and help him return to being a confident and virile man.

He shouldn’t feel ashamed about getting help so suggest he talks to his doctor about finding some medication which may give him the boost he needs.

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