My Unique House: Check out this one-of-a-kind modern houseboat

Welcome to My Unique House, a weekly video series that profiles the most unconventional homes around the country and their equally interesting owners. Check back next week for another wild story, from a mermaid-inspired bungalow, an old airplane transformed into the ultimate bachelor pad and an entire house dedicated to cats.

This floating home in Portland is more than just a houseboat — it’s a luxurious, aluminum 3,000-square-foot masterpiece that’s definitely become a local land — er, water– mark. Built and owned by Buzz and Pam Gorder, “Aqua Star” is an industrial feat, one that was ahead of its time during its construction. 

“I started drawing ideas of what I wanted the house to look like,” Buzz explained to AOL Lifestyle. Thinking of the passing boats and cruises on the busy waterway, he “wanted the house to be exciting from the outside as well as the inside.”

With its reflective light and mirrors, the aluminum construction helps make the boat seem bigger and brighter. The Gorders have also helped to bring out their home’s character through the use of colors, as well as with fantastic and whimsical art aligning the hallways. Towering over two floors is a giant blue sculpture, which helps add a sense of connectivity throughout the rest of the home.

“When people first walk in the house, it really is a surprise — and it’s a good one,” explained Pam. “It’s a wonderful way to live.” Check out more of the Gorders’ home in the video above! 

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