New ‘Real Living Wage’ rises as thousands will get 20p an hour pay rise

More than a quarter of a million hard-working Brits are set to get a pay rise as the living wage is hiked.

In a year that has been difficult for millions of employees, there is a glimmer of good news as pay packets are set to get a boost.

The voluntary real living wage, which is paid by more than 800 UK employers, has been increased this week.

That means workers will get an extra 20p per hour – bringing the hourly salary to £9.50.

In London, it’ll rise by 10p to £10.85 per hour.

The Living Wage rates are the only rates independently calculated based on what people need to live on, according to the foundation behind it.

The real living wage is on average 78p higher than the standard minimum wage and paid by big companies such as Network Rail, Tate and Lyle and Capital One.

The Living Wage Foundation said since its rates were launched in 2011, more than £1.3 billion in extra wages has gone to workers and families, The Sun reports.

A full-time worker paid the new £9.50 real living wage will receive more than £1,500 in additional wages a year compared with the current Government minimum, according to the foundation.

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Employers pay the voluntary wage if they believe their staff “deserve a wage that meets everyday needs”.

More than a quarter of a million employees are set to benefit from the boost this year, according to the foundation – with nearly £200million in extra wages going to low-paid workers since the lockdown.

Laura Gardiner, Living Wage Foundation Director, said: “It’s an incredibly challenging time for us all, but today’s new Living Wage rates will give a boost to hundreds of thousands of UK workers, including thousands of key and essential workers like cleaners, care workers, and delivery drivers who have kept our economy going.

“Since the start of the pandemic employers have continued to sign up to a real Living Wage.

“During Living Wage Week it’s right that we celebrate those employers that have done right by workers and families, providing them with much needed security and stability even when times are hard.

“These are the employers that will allow us to recover and rebuild from this crisis.”

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