Newlywed suggests guests record wedding day so couple can avoid photo delays

Weddings aren't easy to plan with food, clothing and alcohol to think about.

Another important aspect of the day is hiring a photographer – and the right one.

But now according to a newlywed, couples should also ask someone to record the occasion on their phones.

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Posting on TikTok, the woman, known as @kencradic, said it makes a lot of sense to do that due to delays.

She suggested: "Why you need to give someone your phone on your wedding day."

The newlywed said often photographers don't send wedding photos for two to three months after the big day.

She added: "I gave my phone to my wedding planner, and she took a video of everything on the wedding day.

"I'm not even kidding when I'm telling you my husband and I relived our entire wedding day the next morning through my phone.

"I would have hired someone to just take phone footage… that's how much I value these videos…"

And many social media users thought it was a great idea as some often face long waits for their snaps.

One wrote: "Girl my pics and videos aren't ready for 6-8 months they're estimating," before adding several sad emojis.

Another added: "This is actually smart and adds a reason for me to have a wedding planner."

A third suggested: "There's an app where guests can share photos and it goes straight to the bride and groom during the wedding."

While a fourth posted: "I did this for my sister!

"She made an Instagram account for the day that I posted to which also gave guests a sneak peek as well. So fun!"

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