Parents are making their kids New Year's boxes – here's how to try it yourself

In recent years, parents have taken to creating new traditions with their children, in the form of Elf on the Shelf pranks and Christmas Eve boxes, among other things.

And now there’s another unique way to make family memories that you can try today; the New Year’s box.

One mum shared the idea on the Facebook group Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas, posting pictures of the box she’d created for her own children.

She captioned the post: ‘Start a new tradition with the “Gift of Time New Year’s Eve Box”. It contains a year full of quality time activities to do with the children, one idea for each month of the year, it’s all about spending precious time together.’

The custom is fairly self-explanatory. You get a container or jar and fill it with 12 vouchers or items for activities, each one labelled with the month you’ll do it.

At the start of the month, you get your little ones to open the box and reveal their surprise, making the magic of Christmas present opening a year-round thing.

You have free rein to be as creative as you like. Take inspiration from the original poster, who showed off the cute poems she’d written for hers.

January’s read: ‘I give to you in January, time just for you and me, some pennies for the slot machines, and a winter’s walk right by the sea.’

Some of the other treats she’d picked out for her brood included a mountain road trip and a movie night, showing you don’t have to spend lots to create special moments.

The mother’s tip was a hit on the group, and has been liked thousands of time. Some suggested other things you could include too, including one person who’s done something similar for the last three years.

They commented: ‘We managed to include a trip to a theme park and a trip to a zoo when lockdown was relaxed a little in the summer, but the rest of the months have included things like a Halloween party at home, making our own ice cream flavours, a walk along a local beach, takeaway delivery, and camping in the lounge. Our kids always look forward to the gift of time days.’

Another parent gave a handy tip for those worried about lockdown restrictions, saying: ‘Technically you could just put blank cards in some of them and then write things on them nearer the time once you know more about things that will be possible with Covid…the kids would never know!’

Overall it’s up to you which activities you choose. Go for things your children look forward to normally, but remember they don’t need to be lavish or expensive.

The monthly surprise – whatever the cost – will make their faces light up, and give you a guaranteed 12 days of family fun in 2022.

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