People are saving time this Halloween by carving pumpkins with pressure washers

For many, carving a pumpkin is part of the fun at Halloween.

But if you’ve got loads to carve and not a lot of time, there’s a Jack-o’lantern trick to do it in seconds.

TikToker Kiel James Patrick shared a video recently detailing the hack, where he ditches knives and scoops in favour of a pressure washer.

‘Testing my hand at the TikTok powerwasher carving jack o’lantern trend,’ he captioned the video, adding ‘Let’s see if it actually works.’ 

Putting the pumpkin on the ground outside, Kiel blasts the jet washer over the spooky squash, creating eyes, a nose, and a mouth in less than 30 seconds.

His verdict was that it was ‘really easy’, and we’re inclined to agree given what we’ve seen.

‘I am blown away,’ said Kiel. ‘That just saved me an hour of carving!’

Game changer! 🎃🧡

And he’s not the only one who’s convinced it’s the way forward. Woodworking company Flat River Rustics also tested it out, managing it in just 15 seconds.

Nick, the company’s owner told Newsweek: ‘One day I got home from work and my wife wanted to carve some pumpkins, so naturally I wanted to see how it would work with the pressure washer.

‘It turned out to work pretty decently. The video is actually from last year so I don’t have any pictures of the back, but it was still mostly intact.’

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The millions of views these videos and their spin-offs have garnered is proof enough of its effectiveness, and comments like ‘you just saved me an hour of quality time with my family’ show there’s a demand for a quicker way to carve.

For those wanting to try it out, all you’ll need is a pumpkin, a pressure washer, and some outside space.

Switch any settings on your machine to ensure the jet of water is as precise as possible (Nick used a 0-degree red tip on his), and use an old chair or some paving stones to secure the pumpkin if you need to.

With this technique you do run the risk of pushing through the back of the gourd, which is worth keeping in mind if that matters to you. It does also mean you might not be able to retrieve the seeds and flesh from inside, so can’t be used on pumpkins you plan to eat.

Those who try it out should also be warned that this isn’t an activity for unsupervised children, as the strength of the pressure washer can be dangerous.

For hardcore Halloween-ers with more pumpkins than hours in the day, though, it can be a fun and easy way to get your home fright night ready.

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