People say I'm 'crazy' for having two babies in a year

People call me ‘crazy’ for getting pregnant when my baby was three-months-old: Mother admits having two boys in under a year was ‘brutal’, but worth it

  • Grace Bruce, of Southend-on-Sea, welcomed two boys less than a year apart 
  • Eldest, Jackson born during lockdown in 2020, and youngest, Frankie, in 2021 
  • Grace said while two under twos keep her busy, wouldn’t have it any other way

It’s hard enough as it is to look after a baby as a first time parent, but this British mum got two infants in the space of a year – and didn’t know it was possible. 

Grace Bruce, from Southend-on-Sea, welcomed her first son Jackson during lockdown 2020, and her youngest son, Frankie, less than a year later in 2021. 

She fell pregnant with her second child when Jackson was only three months old, meaning the two siblings are less than a year apart in age. 

In spite of people calling her ‘crazy’ for having two boys so close in time, Grace, a single mum who shares glimpses of her life on Instagram and TikTok, said she wouldn’t have it any other way. 

The proud mother-of-two shares updates on her boys on TikTok, where she counts thousands of followers

While she is busy with juggling the needs of her two sons and admitted it can be ‘brutal,’ Grace,  said her life was also ‘amazing’

‘People think I’m crazy for falling pregnant three months after giving birth, but they are the best of friends,’ she explained in a video on social media.  

‘My hands are full but my heart is fuller,’ she added. 

Clips on the busy mother-of-two’s TikTok show how she looks after her brood and juggles the needs of Jackson, now a toddler, with his brother, who is nine months younger than him. 

From play time at home to trips to the supermarket, Grace has learned to do everything with her two toddlers in tow. 

Brit Grace Bruce welcomed her first son Jackson during lockdown 2020, and her youngest son, Frankie, less than a year later in 2021

Grace talks openly about the challenges that come with raising two boys under two. but said that while her hands are full, her ‘heart is fuller’ 

She also has documented the strong bond between her two boys, who eat at the same time, and play together all day long. 

Jackson started nursery about a month ago, while Frankie is still at home with his mother.  

Grace, who shares a lot of content on burnout warning, has been honest about the challenges that come with raising two under twos. 

‘There is no easy way to say it. It has been brutal at times. I feel like it’s been so easy to gloss over all the hard time, in my post on social media,

‘I have cried so many tears and I think the boys have honestly brought me to my knees,’ she added. 

‘but that aside, it has also been amazing,’ she added. 

The mother-of-two also said she had to adopt tricks and hacks in order to juggle all the demands of motherhood. 

‘If you can implement little things in your day to day routine to help, it’s totally worth it,’ she said. 

She admitted that she can also rely on her support system in order to help. 

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