People who are having the WORST day ever

Look on the bright side! Hilarious snaps capture the people who are having the WORST day ever – including a swimmer being attacked by a frog

  • Shareably rounded up snaps of people around the world having a bad day 
  • One person destroyed their laptop after placing a candle on the same table
  • Another individual discovered an insect frozen in an ice cube in their drink 

If you think you’re having a bad day, these pictures could bring reassurance that things could always be worse.

Shareably hass rounded up a selection of hilarious viral photographs of people around the world, who’ve suffered unexpected misfortune.

Many of the images show people who’ve found themselves in bad circumstances because of their own clumsiness.

One person discovered they had accidentally burned a large hole in the back of their MacBook with a candle, while another discovered they had frozen a large insect in an ice cube floating in their drink. 

Burn of the Mac! Shareably rounded up a selection of hilarious viral photographs of people having a bad day, including one person who melted a hole into the back of their MacBook 

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One woman was attacked by a frog while trying to take a photograph with the creature in a swimming pool 

A social media user who was rushing to use the bathroom snapped the moment they accidentally dropped the tissue into the toilet

Not tan-tastic! One woman was stunned to discover the holes in her sports leggings had created an artistic tan on her legs

Flight-mare! Another person was furious to be given the one seat on their long-haul journey without a working TV screen

A driver who packed buckets of paint in their car boot, had the entire interior of their vehicle ruined when the liquid spilled 

Don’t drink that! Another individual was disgusted to discover a large insect had been frozen in an ice cube floating in their drink 

Another individual had to start cooking breakfast again, after dropping the entire contents of a packet of seasoning on their egg

An individual who attempted to use their shoe to free their basketball, was left bare foot and without a way of continuing their game

One person was disappointed to discover the pizza they bought only had pepperoni toppings on the section that was displayed in the supermarket 

A student struggled to get a photograph of a presentation in a class because of her own shadow blocking the projector 

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